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20 Best The Little Mermaid Gift Ideas

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Just over 30 years ago, Disney released its iconic film, The Little Mermaid. It’s what we consider an “oldie, but goodie” these days! If you’ve got a daughter, you’ve no doubt heard them belting out “Part of Your World” or “Under the Sea.” Let’s be honest, if you’re a millennial who remembers all the words…you’ve belted them out yourself. Maybe you’ve even seen the Broadway musical version! It doesn’t matter how you know it, but The Little Mermaid is one Disney film that so many of us know and love!

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20 Gifts for Fans of The Little Mermaid

No matter your age, The Little Mermaid is a Disney icon! After 30 years, it’s still a film that can be enjoyed by new generations of Disney fans! Here are 20 gift ideas for The Little Mermaid fans in your life!

Loungefly x Disney Ariel Flounder Sebastian AOP Mini Backpack

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This Disney licensed mini backpack is a great idea for someone who wants to show off their love of these popular characters! Plus, it’s the perfect size for carrying to their favorite Disney Theme Park!

Little Mermaid Starbucks Inspired Shirt

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This is a great top for fans of Ariel and the occasional cup of coffee! Totally awesome to wear around the parks as well!

Disney Ariel The Little Mermaid VHS Zipper Wallet Clutch Purse

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Ideal for the millennials who remember owning this classic on VHS!

Disney Little Mermaid Ariel Cotton Hooded Towel

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If you know a tiny mermaid who would love to wrap up in a towel like this after swimming or bath time, this is a great idea!

Disney Little Mermaid, Flounder “She’s In Love” Sheet Music Art Print

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Need gift idea that isn’t just Ariel? This Flounder art print is a nice touch of decor for their space!

Little Mermaid Ariel And Ursula Wine Glass Set

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This hand-painted set is great for the older fans of The Little Mermaid. Perfect for drinking wine or as part of a display!

Funko POP Disney Series 3: Ariel Little Mermaid Vinyl Figure

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There’s a Funko Pop figure for every major character these days! Ariel is no exception!

The Little Mermaid Comfy Princess WOMENS Racer Back Tank Tops

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If they like The Little Mermaid and working out, this is perfect! This “gizmo” comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Funko Pop! Disney: Little Mermaid – Ursula 10″

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If Ursula is more their style, don’t worry! You can buy an Ursula Funko Pop!

Dinglehopper Leggings – Women’s

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These leggings show off all of Ariel’s favorite things – dinglehoppers, treasure chests, and more!

“Part of Your World” Necklace

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All of Ariel’s treasured items can be displayed on this simple necklace.

Bumkins Disney Ariel TSA Approved Toiletry Bag – Set of 3

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Travelers always need toiletry bags! And, if they’re fans of Ariel, this set is great for their trips!

Disney Women’s Ariel Sleepwear Robe

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This colorful robe is a subtle touch for fans of The Little Mermaid. A touch of green, purple, and signature seashells.

Disney The Little Mermaid Deluxe Figure Play Set

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These fully sculpted figurines are just right for older kids to play with! Or, set them up on a bookshelf to display!

Disney Inspired Ariel from Little Mermaid Minimal Pantone Art

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An art print that’s perfect for minimalists or anyone who loves simple, colorful art for their walls…with a touch of Ariel!

LEGO Disney Ariel’s Storybook Adventures 43176 Creative Little Mermaid Building Kit, New 2020 (105 Pieces)

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Do they love The Little Mermaid? Do they love LEGOS? This is a no-brainer gift idea that is sure to keep them busy for a while!

Disney’s Ariel and Sebastian Retractable Badge Reel

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Give them the chance to show off how much they love The Little Mermaid every time they need to swipe a badge!

Sebastian Vinyl/Laptop/Water Bottle Sticker

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Doesn’t everyone need a little perspective from Sebastian wherever they go? This sticker does just that!

The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys, The Little Mermaid

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The littlest mermaids can always enjoy some new bath or pool toys!

Sebastian Art Print

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This simple sketch is slightly colorful and it could be part of any room’s decor! Make it a full set with the Ariel & Flounder prints!

Fans of The Little Mermaid would be thrilled with a gift like one of these! Get excited to see their reactions when you surprise them with one of the gifts above! Which gift would you be most excited to give?

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