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20 Gift Ideas for the Taurus Woman

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As a Taurus woman myself, I can only imagine that finding just the right gift for ladies like me can be a bit of a daunting task. That’s why we created this guide full of gift ideas for the Taurus woman. 

You might find the Taurus woman to be a bit stubborn, but at the end of the day, sheโ€™s one of the most compassionate and loving women that youโ€™ll ever meet. The Taurus woman is known for stability (sheโ€™s an Earth zodiac sign, after all) and loyalty, not to mention her creativity, independence, and authenticity – sheโ€™s got no time for anything but the truth. 

A Taurus woman loves beautiful things of all kinds, so keep that in mind when considering what give to her for her birthday (or Christmas, or because it’s Tuesday!).

Gift Ideas for the Taurus Woman

We’ve created this guide so that you don’t ever have to wonder what to get her again!

Spa Day

Gift ideas for the Taurus woman definitely include a day at the spa.

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Whether itโ€™s a trip to a real spa or just the uninterrupted time to enjoy this at-home spa set, the Taurus woman enjoys being pampered and plenty of time to relax and not be bothered.

Fine Chocolates

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A sampling like these of fine chocolates is a great gift for the Taurus woman. Pleasing to look at and certainly pleasing to eat.

New Blankets & Linens

New linens sound like one of perfect gift ideas for the taurus woman.

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From a fuzzy throw blanket like this one to new silk sheet sets, the Taurus woman loves being surrounded by warmth and comfort. Earn some bonus points if you can make it match her existing bedroom and living room decor.

A Beautiful Letter

The perfect guide of gift ideas for the taurus woman includes stationary.

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If you love & appreciate a Taurus, trust me, sheโ€™ll want to know. Find some beautiful paper like this write down all of those things that you appreciate about your special Taurus.

A Personal Chef

A Taurus woman is always impressed with a gastronomical adventure. By hiring a personal chef for the evening, impress her with a fancy meal prepared at home by a professional chef.

Gift of Service

A gift of service sounds perfect for gift ideas for the Taurus woman.

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Print out a coupon book like this and fill it with all of those tasks that annoy your Taurus woman. Consider offering gifts of โ€œone night of babysitting,โ€ โ€œtaking the car to the mechanic,โ€ or any other life task that your Taurus woman would rather not do. Sheโ€™ll appreciate that youโ€™re offering to take some of the load.


A piece of art is great for the gift ideas for the Taurus woman list.

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A Taurus woman takes pride in her home and probably decorates it in a very meticulous manner. You could even consider commissioning a custom piece, just for the Taurus woman in your life! Take some cues from your Taurus about what kinds of art that she likes – paintings, large photo prints, mixed media, etc. Consider something that adds to the aesthetic of her home.


Candles are perfect gift ideas for the Taurus woman.

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Again, the Taurus takes great pleasure in her surroundings! These Taurus themed candles give you the chance to help her fill her home with a pleasant scent and pay homage to her astrological sign.

Breakfast in Bed

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A Taurus does like to eat and they do like to be comfy, so prepare a feast to be eaten in bed. Serve it up on a personalized tray just like this for an added touch.

Personalized Pen and Journal Set

A functional gift is definitely something that should make a perfect gift ideas for Taurus woman list!

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Not only would this set be beautiful to write in, but it also comes in an awesome box for display. Itโ€™s beautiful and functional – two things that any Taurus would appreciate.

Theatre/Concert/Opera Tickets

Creative gift ideas for a Taurus woman are sure to please.

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A Taurus loves the arts in all of their forms. Chances are, your Taurus has a lot of creative talents of their own. Tickets to an event of their choice is sure to please them!

Professional Organizer

A planner would be great for gift ideas for the Taurus woman.

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A Taurus is often known for being lazy when it comes to keeping up on household tasks, so itโ€™s no wonder that their home might be a little disorganized. Consider the gift of time with a professional organizer to help your Taurus keep their home organized and clutter-free!

A Fancy Dinner

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Itโ€™s true, all of us Taurus ladies love decadent foods. Take your Taurus lady to a fine restaurant that has her favorite type of food and youโ€™ll be able to see just how much she enjoys the experience.

Fine Jewelry

A quartz necklace is an excellent gift ideas for the Taurus woman.

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A Taurus woman would love any fine jewelry, but why not get something that looks good and is functional with A LOT of different clothing options? Consider gemstone jewelry for its unique blend of beauty and healing. One of the gemstones associated with the Taurus sign is Quartz, which is considered to be the supreme gift of Mother Earth. How appropriate!

Automatic Wine Opener

Gift ideas for the Taurus woman definitely include a wine opener!

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The Taurus woman enjoys a fine wine. This gift definitely makes opening those pesky wine bottles a lot more efficient.

Wine & Canvas Class

Wine and canvas sounds like great gift ideas for the taurus woman list.

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An opportunity to drink wine and get creative with paint is a great gift option for a Taurus woman. This allows her to create something for her home and enjoy a tasty glass of wine in the process. Win-win for everyone!

Professional Grade Cookware

Great gift ideas for the Taurus woman definitely include cooking ware!

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A Taurus woman loves to eat, but she takes great pleasure in cooking amazing meals for herself and the people she loves. With a set of professional grade cookware, sheโ€™s sure to make you something scrumptious!

French Press Coffee Set

If she's a coffee lover, this makes the gift ideas the for Taurus woman top five!

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Help your Taurus lady get her day off to a great start with the French Press set. Sheโ€™ll definitely appreciate this practical kitchen gift if sheโ€™s a coffee lover!

Travel Kit

A travel kit makes gift ideas for the Taurus woman in your life easy.

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Taureans, known for being steadfast and stuck in their ways, are also known to enjoy traveling and taking in new places. Even better if this location is known for amazing food and relaxation.


Essential oils can definitely help the gift ideas for the taurus woman department!

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A Taurus woman would appreciate the creative gift of a new experience. Even though the Taurus is known to not be a major risk-taker and for not challenging the status quo, a new experience is never far from the Taurus radar. Whether itโ€™s an afternoon of horseback riding, a cooking class, or a backstage experience at a concert, the Taurus woman will love this unique opportunity!

Donโ€™t be intimidated when it comes to purchasing a gift for the Taurus woman in your life. Use her horoscope to guide you to the right gift idea – keep it practical, keep it beautiful, and invest wisely.

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