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20 Gift Ideas for your Fun Uncle

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Everyone has that one uncle. The one that’s always breaking out the games and making everyone around him laugh. Sometimes buying gifts for your fun uncle is difficult because of his sense of humor and vast knowledge of pop culture and games. We are here at Unique Gifter to help you out. Here are 20 gift ideas for your fun uncle.

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Gift Ideas for your Fun Uncle

Circuit Board Bow Tie

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This bow tie is great for the eclectic uncle – or the bow tie collector.

Coolest Uncle Ever Coffee Mug

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Let your uncle know just how much you appreciate him with this coffee mug.

Grill House Barbecue Apron

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If he’s into barbecuing, then consider this personalized barbecue apron.

Crochet TMNT Beer Cozy

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Cartoons are a fun uncle staple. Keep him young with these beer cozies.

T-Rex T-Shirt

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This shirt is hilarious and will be an absolute hit at family get-togethers.

The Avengers 2-Movie Collection

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Give him the gift of Marvel movies.

Wilson MVP Football

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Show him your interest in sports and let him teach you a thing or two about football.

Candy Variety Pack

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Hey, maybe he’ll share this with you after he opens it.

Vintage Popcorn Cart

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Make him the coolest uncle on the block with this popcorn cart.

Cotton Candy Machine

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Better yet, help him make an entire carnival in his backyard. This cotton candy machine is the next step to backyard carnival goodness.

The Original Snuggie

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Remember how big these were a few years ago? They’re actually pretty practical.

Caramel Cake Flavored Coffee

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It’s cake flavored coffee. Need I say more?


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How can you make your fun uncle ever more fun? Throw him on a hoverboard!

Note: don’t actually throw him)


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If the hoverboard is a little too much, go with these classics.


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Perfect for camping, star gazing, hiking, and every other crazy adventure your fun uncle wants to go on.

Puzzle Collage Picture Frame

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So that he can show off all of the fun times he’s had with you, of course. Bonus points if you fill the picture frame with photos of you and him doing cool stuff.

Justice League Pajama Bottoms

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But really, what’s a fun uncle without having pajama bottoms that are just as fun?

Sony Playstation 4

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Video games galore for downtime. Also plays Netflix.

Need for Speed: Rivals

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A game to get his video game collection for the PS4 going.

Little Big Planet 3

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This game has rich scenery, a beautiful story, and multiplayer is available. Perfect for spending quality time with your fun uncle on a rainy day.

Are you ready to give your fun uncle the best gift ever? Tell us your favorite ideas in the comments below and if you get one of these, be sure to let us know! We are @ugifter on Twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.

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