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Best Toronto Raptors Fan Gift Ideas

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Make way for the 2019 NBA Championship winners! These are a collection of all star Toronto Raptors fan gift ideas to really impress your favorite fan. For the ones who have all the merch, (you know who you are!) These are sure to be a hit. Find some inspiration in these one of a kind gifts for strutting around the ‘6’.

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One of a Kind Toronto Raptors Fan Gift Ideas

They might have all the championship merch but these unique finds can’t be found in most stores. Knock their gym socks off with some truly epic toronto raptors fan gift ideas. These are some memorable gifts they won’t soon forget.

Wooden Toronto Raptors Sign

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This is a handmade original Raptors logo sign. Adorn your favorite Toronto Raptors fan’s man cave with this one of a kind customizable 3D sign!

We the North Beach Blanket

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Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you take time off from representing the Raptors! This epic beach blanket has the original ‘NORTH Over Everything’ phrase in its already classic style.

Raptors Rustic Ketchain Rack

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What garage is complete without a stylish key rack? This handmade hanging keychain rack is the ultimate practical decor piece for any Toronto Raptors fan who has it all!

Fred VanVleet ‘23’ Enamel Pin

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The classic enamel pin featuring a star Raptors player number 23 is a great little accessory for your favorite Raptors fan! Additionally, make it a great piece of a creative Toronto Raptors gift basket!

Raptors Knit Hat

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The classic Canadian wintertime accessory, a true Torontonian wouldn’t be caught without one! Rep the Raptors with these practical and stylish pieces of apparel!

Raptors Replica Championship Ring

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Celebrate the historical 2019 NBA victory with this one of a kind We The North Champion’s ring! This is a great collectible Toronto Raptors gift idea for true diehard fans.

Toronto Raptors Throwback Jersey

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Who knows and loves the classic Raptors logo?? This throwback jersey is a great way to show off your love for the NBA franchise and turn heads at the same time!

Toronto Raptors Fanmats

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Can you really claim to be a real Raptors fan without these amazing car mats? Functional and highly practical, these are where it’s at! Grab a set of these for that one Toronto Raptors fan who has it all!

Toronto Raptors Bibdana

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What’s a bibdana you ask? Only the coolest in baby apparel. This functions as both a bib and stylish bandana! This is a great Toronto Raptors baby shower gift for the young fans out there!

10kt Toronto Raptors Pendant

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This pendant is the perfect piece of bling to round out the most expensive Toronto Raptors loadout you could possibly imagine! This thing isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t look it either! Grab one of these for the realist Toronto Raptors fan out there!

Fred VanVleet ‘23’ Sticker

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Stickers are an awesome way to express your love for your favorite sports team! Have the trendiest laptop on campus with this hand-drawn original sticker you can’t find anywhere else.

Raptors Patch

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Featuring the old school logo, this is a great patch for backpacks or apparel alike! Grab one to make the ultimate Toronto Raptors fan gift basket idea!

Toronto Raptors Baby Booties

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One pair of baby booties you’re not going to resell from the baby shower! These are the most fly pair of baby boots you can find, celebrating the iconic 2019 NBA champions! Grab a pair for that young Toronto Raptors fan out there.

Raptors Bottle Opener Net

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You’ve seen bottle openers, I get it. But have you seen a handmade bottle opener with your team’s favorite logo? Wall-mounted and featuring a tiny basketball net, dunk your favorite beer caps with every bottle you open!

Toronto Raptors Cribbage Board

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This is one custom cribbage board that will really light up crib night next week! Grab a couple of your favorite Raptors fans, some nice drinks and get ready for an unforgettable night of cribbage! This piece is a hand carved original Toronto Raptors gift idea!

Toronto Raptors 3D Shadowbox

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This is an awesome little Raptors shadowbox featuring the team’s classic retro style logo! Grab this one of a kind handmade piece of decor for your favorite NBA fan!

Toronto Raptors Drawstring Bag

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This sports bag is the perfect combination of practicality and creative gift giving for NBA fans! Grab one of these for that one Toronto Raptors fan in your life who really has it all so they can show up to practice in style!

Toronto Raptors Champions Hat

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This unique snapback hat features the celebratory 2019 NBA Champions logo. Show off your favorite team and one of their greatest accomplishments with this stylish piece of NBA history!

Thanks for checking out these awesome Toronto Raptors fan gift ideas! Hopefully, you’ve found something so unique your favorite fan will take it to their next home game. What kind of interesting Raptors merchandise or gifts have you seen out and about?

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