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Best Welcome Gifts for Chinese Clients

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20 Welcome Gifts for Chinese Clients


All of your clients are important. So, if you are looking for a welcome gift for your Chinese clients, this is the place to find awesome ideas. Showing how much you appreciate your clients is super important in keeping them happy and coming back to you.

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Custom Name in Chinese Sign

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You can have their name or title printed onto a custom Chinese name sign.

Kanji Chinese Welcome Stencil

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A simple welcome painted or drawn onto a sign with this stencil will make them feel more at home.

1000 Vintage Chinese Book Confetti

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Fill a jar or clear vase with these vintage Chinese book confetti pieces that they can use as decor in their home or office.

Jade Protector Bracelet

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The red string in the bracelet is said to bring good luck to those who wear it, and the bracelet itself is authentic and genuine.

Orange Teardrop Chinese Crystals

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If you are crafty, you can make them your own gift with these orange teardrop Chinese crystals, which makes the gift even more special.

Welcome in Chinese Characters Welcome Mat

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Simply putting this “Welcome” in Chinese characters welcome mat out to welcome them into your office or home is a great touch, along with a simple gift to complement it.

Personalized Chinese Name Necklace

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Have their name put on this Chinese character name necklace for something more personalized.

Paper Lanterns Art

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This paper lanterns art will look great up on their wall at home or in their office.

2.5” Pilea Peperomioides Plant

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You can never go wrong with a plant, and this one can be something they nurture themselves as well.

Personalized Chinese Name Bracelet

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If you don’t think they will like necklaces with their name in Chinese characters, then go with a bracelet instead.

Shorewood Style Chopsticks

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Giving them some Shorewood style chopsticks is a great touch, and they can use them to eat with too.

100 Colorful Chinese Silk Pouches

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If you have a lot of Chinese clients, or simply like the style of these colorful Chinese silk pouches, you can use them to fill with small goodies for your clients as thank you’s or welcome gifts.

6 Plain Real Vanilla Fortune Cookies

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Real fortune cookies to add to the drink or meal you have together is a sweet touch.

Burlap Travel Map of the USA

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Help them mark their travels to the USA and where they’ve been with their very own burlap travel map of the USA.

Chinese Word Pendant Necklace

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If you have a word that your business often uses in its products, services, or taglines, get that in a Chinese word for this pendant necklace. Chances are they won’t forget you anytime soon.

Forever Rose USA

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This original gold rose is ready for them to take home and will not perish as easily as a fresh plant.

Red String Bracelet

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As stated above, red string symbolizes good luck in the Chinese culture. Wish your Chinese client good luck with this red string bracelet when they visit.

United States Necklace

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If they have traveled all the way to the United States to meet with you, give them this as a souvenir.

Chinese Xin Yi Jade Sculpture Carved Dragon Boat









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This is a gorgeous welcoming gift that is so unique and lovely. 

Handmade Natural Wood Bookmark










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These handmade bookmarks are a thoughtful and terrific gift idea for your client. Plus, they are stunning!

All of your clients are valuable, whether they live in the same country as you or are from China or another country. That’s where special welcome and thank you gifts make such a big impact! Show them that physical distance doesn’t keep them from wanting to provide the best service.

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