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20 Gift Ideas for the PAC or PTA President

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Seriously, get your PAC President a little something for all the hard work they do. I’m pretty sure the one at my kids’ school is currently killing themselves to fundraise for a new playground. I don’t even know how she manages… And that’s why she gets a gift!

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Gift Ideas for the PAC or PTA President

Gourmet Tea

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After all those meetings and fundraising it’s nice to just relax with a cup of hot tea. One that thanks you is even better.

Mindfulness Journal

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People who volunteer their time are often giving more than they get back. Help your PAC president focus on themselves for a bit with a mindfulness journal.

Wine Socks

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They’re unapologetically honest about what she wants.

Bath Bomb Set

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Who doesn’t want to soak in the tub after a long day?

Willow Tree Thank You

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This little ornament is a wonderful thank you gift that they’re sure to treasure. Chances are they already have a collection of these popular figures for it to join.

Appreciation Food Gift

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Already ready to give, a food gift basket is perfect for someone who you don’t know very well but still want to delight.

A Little Book of Thanks

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This little book is filled with inspiring messages of gratitude so not only can they feel your thanks, they can pass theirs onto others.


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A nice bottle of wine is always appreciated but it’s even better if you add in one of these thank you wine labels.

Adult Coloring Book Set

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Give them the gift of cheap therapy with an adult coloring book set. They can scribble away all their frustrations caused by other parents (but not you).

Reasons Mommy Drinks Book

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If they have a sense of humor give them something that reflects it – like this book about all the (not so) funny things that make parenting challenging.


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Perfect to help them organize their busy life!

Fridge Magnet

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“Mommy, mom, mommy, mom”. Ugh.


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Chocolates are always a good gift idea. There aren’t a lot of people who don’t enjoy chocolate and if the PAC president is one of them you can just eat it instead.

Sturdy Bag

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Having a good, sturdy bag that can stand up on its own is way more valuable than it should be. Even better, use it as a gift bag and fill it up with goodies.

The Little Book of Confidence

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Even if it seems like they have it all together everyone could use a little more confidence in their lives. It’s like a mini pep talk!

Infuser Water Bottle

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Even PAC presidents get thirsty. Help them stay hydrated during rigorously volunteering and merciless PAC meetings.

Wacky Things Kids Say Book

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Give a fellow parent a laugh with this book. It’s filled with wacky kiddisms like “I did my homework in my head”.

Spa Gift Set

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If an actual trip to the spa is not in the budget this gift set is at least something to say “pamper yourself, you deserve it.”

Why You’re Awesome Pad

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This notepad is for telling other people that they’re awesome so make sure you open it up and fill out the first page to show your appreciation.

Fountain Pen

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If you’ve ever used one you know the value in a good pen. Make their grant writing, document signing, and to do list writing a little bit happier with this.

If you can, consider getting a little something for the whole parent council. They work hard!

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