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20 Gifts for a Massage Therapist

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Gifts for a massage therapist is the best way to show them how much their work has helped you. Massage therapists spend their days massaging out knots and tough spots. This work is highly rewarding, but it can also be hard on their bodies too. Sometimes a nice gift for them goes a long way. Check out some of these awesome gift ideas!\

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Creative Gifts For A Massage Therapist

Show your massage therapist that you appreciate their hard work with any of these awesome gift ideas. 

“I make knotty people cry” Mug

When giving massages, there just maybe some tears of relief!

“Muscle whisperer” Shirt

They are the muscle whisperer, working out the kinks and knots in other people’s muscles.

Organic Circulate Cypress Lotion

Help them give better massages, improving circulation, with this organic, circulate cypress lotion.

Muscle System Watercolor Prints

They can hang these muscle system watercolor prints up on their office wall, or at home. They are pretty with all the colors too!

Healing Hands Spiral Earrings

They have healing hands, which is why they need the beautiful earrings to represent those hands.

Microwave Flax & Rice Heating Pad

Sometimes they need to use some heat to work out their own kinks after hours spent massaging other people.

“I get paid to hurt people” Shirt

Sometimes massages hurt until they make things better. Therefore, your favorite massage therapist just might be getting paid to hurt people!

Personalized Healing Hands Wooden Wall Clock

They will never lose track of time again, with their own personalized healing hands wooden wall clock on the wall of their office.

Human Spine Anatomical Gold Foil Art Print

This stunning human spine anatomical gold foil art print is great to hang up on the wall of their office. While they don’t deal directly with spines, they have to work around them, and their work also helps the spine.

“Certified Foot Whisperer” Mug

For the massage therapist who specializes with feet, they are a certified foot whisperer.

“Life is better with massage” Shirt

Life is always better with massage, for the one receiving as well as the one giving it.

Hand and Initial Keychain

Their whole life’s work is their hands, and you can even put their initial on this keychain to personalize it!

Anatomical Spine Pendant Necklace

The spine is an important part for them to treat well while they are massaging!

Yoga Eye Pillow Cover

Help them get the relaxation they need when they are at home, with yoga or merely lying on the couch with this yoga eye pillow cover on their eye pillow.

“I work on mostly naked people & get paid” Mug

They get paid for working on mostly naked people, which is funny if you think about it like that.

“It’s nice to be kneaded” Shirt

It’s always nice to be kneaded, to get rid of those knots and sore muscles.

“No Mud, No Lotus” Personalized Keychain

Their job is to help people live at ease, without pain and tightness, but they may not remember to do that themselves as often.

“The spine whisperer” Pin

They are the spine whisperer, helping strengthen it by massaging the muscles around it.

“Up for a massage… forget about it” Pillowcases

Their massages may not be limited to their office!

“Keep Calm, I got your Back” Mug

Your favorite massage therapist will enjoy whatever gift you get them because they won’t be expecting anything at all. Order as many of these gift ideas for a massage therapist that you want! 

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