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Christmas Classroom Gifts for 4th Grade Students

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‘Tis the season for gift-giving and cheer. Teachers can help their students to join in on the festivities with a cool Christmas gift to kick off the Holiday fun. Check out these Christmas Classroom Gifts for 4th Grade Students. What should you buy your kid’s classmates? If you are on a budget or have no idea where to start, scroll through and find the perfect gift to give this Christmas!

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The Perfect Christmas Christmas Classroom Gifts for 4th Grade Students

Bottlecap Necklace

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Your 4th graders will be obsessed with this unique Bottlecap Necklace.

Zipper Pull

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These “4th Grade Rocks” Zipper Pulls can be personalized as a wonderful Christmas surprise for your students.


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Give your students a boost in self-esteem with these super cute “Smart Cookie” keychains.

Cookie Cutter

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Gift students a fun Christmas-themed Cookie Cutter to help them really get into the Christmas spirit.

Gel Pens

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These cute Gel Pens are sure to be a huge hit with your students.


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A super cute “4th Grade Rocks” Lanyard would be an absolutely perfect gift for your class.

Crochet Ornament

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Students will definitely feel loved after receiving one of these cute Crochet Heart Ornaments.

Rubber Stamp

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Rubber Stamps can help students to add some Christmas cheer to any of their papers or DIY gifts.

Candy Treat

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These Kit Kat Snowman Candy Treats are a super yummy way to say “Merry Christmas!”

Pinwheel Pencils

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Students will love completing their work with one of these fun Pinwheel Pencils.

Candy Cane Marshmallows

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If you are looking for a yummy treat to hand out as a classroom gift, look no further than these cheerful Candy Cane Marshmallow Treats.

Snowman Poop

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Fill these little baggies up with some marshmallows for a silly Snowman Poop gift for the entire class.

Craft Kit

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Help students create a Christmas gift of their own by gifting one of these Craft Kits.

Grinch Gum Ball Favor

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Send one of these Grinch Gumball Favors home with the students before they head out for Christmas Break. A tasty treat to enjoy over their break.

Christmas Tree Favor Bags

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Personalize, and fill up these Christmas Tree Favor Bags with some yummy treats for a unique gift for the entire class.

Mini Bean Bags

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4th grade can get a little stressful at times. Help children to relax by gifting one of these vibrant Mini Bean Bags.


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Help students stay warm this winter by gifting a cozy pair of socks.

Water Bottles

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Hydration is extremely important. Encourage your students to stay hydrated throughout the day with one of these reusable Water Bottles.

Drawstring Backpacks

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4th graders tend to have quite a bit of stuff to carry around at this stage. They will definitely appreciate having one of these Drawstring Backpacks.

Rubik’s Cube

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Help students to keep their brains active over Christmas break by gifting a mini Rubik’s Cube.

No student will feel left out when it comes to opening a gift this Christmas. They are sure to be filled with Holiday Cheer as they open up one of these awesome gifts.

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