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20 Amazing Book Ends for When You Run Out of Places to Store Your Books

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As the quote goes, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” In that case, the more books the better, right? That’s perhaps not the case when you’ve run out of places to store them! In this list you will find awesome and stylish book ends for every corner of your house.

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Falling Metal Book End

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This book end is perfect for the person with so many books they’re literally toppling over! Simply slide the book end into the cover of a book so it’s hidden away, leaving the silhouette to catch all your books. This would make a funny and unique addition to any bookshelf.

Brass Duck Book Ends

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These mid century modern brass book ends would look stunning in any home. They’re satisfyingly heavy and can either be left as is, or polished up to be super shiny! Use these for any books that quack you up.

Moomintroll Book Ends

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These pensive little Moomins are just waiting to hold up all of your books! They’re made from sheet steel and are strong enough to store even the biggest of book collections.

Minimalist Book Ends

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For the chic and sleek home, these book ends will add a little touch of style and class to your shelves. The combination of walnut and Corian is incredibly beautiful, and is any minimalistic kitchen’s perfect addition.

Curly Brackets Book Ends

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Available in a range of different colours and with free shipping worldwide, there’s not many homes these book ends wouldn’t look amazing in. They’re simple and strong and will really highlight whichever books you choose to store between them.

Geometric Concrete Copper Book Ends

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For a more rustic feel, these mismatched concrete and copper sculptures would make incredible book ends. Each one is unique and handmade, ensuring that no one else will have anything exactly like them.

Cthulhu Wooden Book End

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If HP Lovecraft is more your thing, look no further than these funky green Cthulhu book ends, made from plywood and finished with natural wax. These wooden book ends would look amazing holding up a fantasy book collection!

Industrial Book End Lamp

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This awesome industrial lamp would look incredible holding up books on any shelf, especially in a study or man cave! The light is able to be dimmed, and it comes complete with the retro-style filament bulb.

Wonder Woman Book End

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Add some pow to your comic books and novels with this seriously fabulous Wonder Woman book end! She holds up your books like a pro, and is made of metal so she’s nice and strong.

Penguin Classic Book End

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Make your book collection defy gravity with this super clever book end made from a Penguin Classics book. It simply looks like part of your book collection, and therefore will fit seamlessly in to any home, on any shelf.

11. Doctor Who Book Ends

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For all Whovians, this set of book ends is a must-have. These classic TARDIS-blue silhouettes would look great on a pop culture-themed shelf, complete with Dalek figurines, of course!

Mountain Peak Book Ends

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These minimalistic mountain peaks will hold up your books stylishly and sturdily. They’re made with pine for a Scandi kind of feel, and can be made bigger to fit larger books if necessary. The colours can also be altered to suit any room!

Vintage Stone Horse Book Ends

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For a seriously luxe, midcentury modern look, look no further than these genuine vintage rock book ends! These look especially amazing teamed with some air plants and vintage-looking books.

Death Star Book Ends

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These Death Star book ends handmade from pinewood will be high on the wish list of any Star Wars fan! They’ve got non-slip cork bottoms to ensure your books don’t end up all over the floor, and will truly make a statement on any book shelf.

Brass Pineapple Book Ends

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Pay homage to your favourite fruit by adorning your shelf with these fabulous vintage brass pineapple book ends. Not only will they store your books, they will make your house feel like a tropical paradise 24/7 – what more could you want?

Redrum Metal Book Ends

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Here’s Johnny! Give your home a gloriously eerie feel with a pair of ‘redrum’ book ends! Perfect for storing your collection of Stephen King novels.

Green Fluorite Book Ends

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If you want your book ends to make a statement, look no further. These green fluorite book ends are both beautiful and eye catching, and will create rainbows on your walls as the light hits them. Fluorite is even thought to bring peace to those who own it.

Edgar Allen Poe Book Ends

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These book ends inspired by Poe’s poem The Raven are wooden and made to order. Perfect for holding many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.

Coffee Pot Book End

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A tribute to the one thing that can get you out of bed in the morning – coffee! This book end is compact, so won’t take up any extra room on your shelves. Due to its neutral and minimalist design, it would look great in any kitchen.

Concrete Horn Planters

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These super stylish planter book ends are made from concrete but are inspired by horns and antlers, making them extra durable and eco-friendly. Best of all, you will also receive an air plant and care instructions with your order!

Are you already planning a shelf rearrangement? Excited to get those piles of books off the floor and stylishly stored away? If you purchase any of these great book ends, be sure to let us know! We’re @ugifter on Twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.

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