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Commercial Break Free Children’s Activity

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Watching television may be your kiddo’s favorite past time, but you can still keep their brains working. This commercial break free children’s activity will keep their minds busy and they can do it in small doses. When they learn and think for a little bit at a time you don’t’ have to worry about burn out. They will think it’s fun and challenging to see what they can accomplish each commercial break. How exciting is that? 

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Commercial Break Free Children’s Activity

In today’s world, kids don’t spend the same time outside that many adults did. Times have changed and that’s okay. We need to help our kids adapt to all the new and exciting things in the world around them. Helping your kids feel challenged is good for them to avoid as much boredom too. They will be learning and working their brain without even realizing it. 

Other Helpful Activities For Kids

While you are trying to find some things to keep your kiddos busy, take a look at these ideas. They are great for keeping your kids entertained and interested too. 

Should You Give Out Prizes?

You may be wondering if you should give out prizes for these challenges. Well, the answer is up to you. Kids love getting little trinkets and prizes. It is a fantastic motivation to keep them interested. We all love to earn little things here and there for a job well done. It’s entirely up to you how you want to handle the idea of prizes. Here are a few cute ideas that the kids will enjoy if you do decide to give them a little gift. 

  • Mini Plush Toys – This set has 24 different mini plush toys. They are great for all occasions. 
  • 3D Puffy Stickers – Sometimes it’s the little things that keep the kids happy. There are 1200 stickers per set, so they should last a long time. 
  • Slap Bracelets – One thing is for sure, kids LOVE slap bracelets. Heck, even adults love to play with them. 
  • Mini Playdough – Giving them something to keep their hands busy is a great idea. They will enjoy playing with it and the set comes with 15 Playdough containers. 

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