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20 Expensive Christmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend

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This Christmas, you want to give your girlfriend something special. Something expensive. Something that she is going to LOVE. Here are our 20 expensive Christmas gifts for your girlfriend.

Expensive Christmas Gifts for your Girlfriend - spoil her this year


Pave Diamond Bracelet

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This pave diamond bracelet has a very unique and beautiful design to it. It will stun and compliment just about any outfit your girlfriend wears.

Customizable Diamond Necklace

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Choose an inspirational word that you think describes your girlfriend, then give her this gorgeous necklace with a diamond right next to the word.

Diamond Bracelet

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This simple bracelet is so elegant and dainty, it will be sure to wow her.

Blue Ombre Yoga Leggings

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These handmade yoga leggings are a beautiful blue and can be customized to any body shape.

Boho Tribal Elephant Bedding

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Elephants are such a big trend right now, and they are making huge splashes in home décor. Give her this beautiful new boho bed set and help her reimagine her bedroom.

Personalized Purple Ran Makeup Brushes

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High quality makeup brushes that will last forever AND have her name on them? It’s every girl who wears makeup’s dream.

Chunky Knit Blanket

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This chunky knit blanket is handmade and comes in different shapes and sizes. She will love how soft it is and how comfy it looks.

Rose Cut Diamond Solitaire Necklace

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This pear-shaped necklace is one that she could dress up or down, and still look amazing.

Raw Diamond Earrings

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Pair these with the pear-shaped necklace, and she has all of the jewelry she needs for a fancy night out of the town.

Dainty Bezel Set Diamond Necklace

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Pick the size of the diamond and the primary color, and this necklace will be perfect for your girlfriend.

Deluxe Gift Basket

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This gift basket is perfect to be paired with wine and eaten by the fire. Maybe she’ll let you have some of this delicious food too!

Sephora Double time Brush Set

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This brush set from Sephora is notorious for being amazing at blending, contouring, and so much more.

Sephora Collection Festival Blockbuster Makeup Pallette

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There is enough makeup in this kit to last for YEARS. It’s a makeup lover’s dream.

Customizable Massaging Cushion

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Who doesn’t love a good massage? This massaging cushion allows her to have one whenever she wants one.

Picnic and Coffee Cooler for Two

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This is basically all you need for the best picnic ever. Minus the food. The food is also important.

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

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This hairdryer isn’t any ordinary hairdryer. It is the best hairdryer to ever exist. It will make her morning routine so much quicker and run so much smoother. It is worth the investment.

1-Step Camilla Cleansing Oil

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This cleansing oil removes makeup and cleanses the skin. If that hairdryer makes her morning routine faster and smoother, then this cleansing oil is the nighttime routine equivalent.

SK_II Facial Treatment Essence Set

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This facial treatment originated in Japan and is slowly making its way to the U.S. It is highly effective for getting that natural, dewy, bright and rested face.

Apple iPad Air 2

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This iPad Air 2 is the latest on the Apple market and great for watching videos, using social media, listening to music, playing games, and so much more.

Long Down Jacket

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A fancy warm jacket for the winter months is the perfect Christmas gift. This long down jacket is sure to keep her warm all winter long.

Those were our 20 expensive gift ideas for your girlfriend. Which ideas were your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below. If you choose to get any of these, be sure to tell us! We are @ugifter on Twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.

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