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Christmas Gifts for Adult Gardeners

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There’s something magical about harvesting your own garden tomatoes or picking a bunch of homegrown flowers to brighten up a room. For many of my circle, gardening becomes a lifestyle and minor obsession. There’s something imminently satisfying about growing food that’s directly feeding family and friends.

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It’s been years since my last garden but I’m jonesing to get back in the game and join gardening friends to comparing planting strategies and swapping gardening tips. I’m picking up a few of these for myself, and putting the rest on a Christmas list with crossed fingers.

The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Adult Gardeners

Wasp Deterrent

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Nothing can chase you out of a nice day in the garden faster than an infestation of wasps. This non-toxic deterrent is just the thing to keep them from settling in and making your home their home.

The Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook

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This handbook will help beginner and experienced gardeners maximize their garden’s yield.

Garden Gloves with Claw Fingertips

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Dogs have it so easy when they dig, don’t they? Gift a pair of waterproof gloves that help a gardener dig out stubborn roots quickly without having to reach for their trowel and shovel.

Folding Bench Stool with Kneeling Pad

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This neat combination of bench and kneeler is like a gardener’s answer to the mechanic’s workbench – have all the necessary tools close at hand with a reasonably comfortable seat.

Soil pH Meter

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Free your gardener from having to send away soil samples, now they can just take a reading at home on their own and get on with their day.

Stainless Steel Gardening Kit

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Old well used tools can get rusty and wobbly, making them hard to use and hard on the hands. Replace an old kit with this rubber-handled stainless steel set in a heavy duty storage tote.

Elevated Garden Bed

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When a gardener only has a little room and none of in a yard with soil, an elevated bed is a great way to keep up a limited-space-friendly garden.

Moleskine Gardening Journal

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This beautifully soft Moleskine is made for the gardener: tabbed, and themed, and full of labels for organizing the care of one’s garden.

Watering Stakes

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Need to travel in the height of growing season? These stakes, and a handful of repurposed wine bottles will take care of a garden’s watering needs without needing to run sprinklers.

Never Too Old Shirt

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Send your gardener out to dig up weeds in this comfy tee. We always have a favorite shirt, or three, to do the dirty work in.

Survival Garden 32 Variety Pack

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This huge survival pack contains enough vegetable seeds to plant over an acre of food and with enough varieties to create a well balanced diet.

Seed Packets Organizer Tin

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Every gardener needs to corral half-used seed packets that seem to sneak off after the first use. This handy tin with monthly dividers makes for a sturdy home to those errant seeds.

Garden Dump Cart

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For the heavy-duty gardener with a whole lot of weeds and no goats to eat them up.

Freestanding Plant Holder

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There’s nothing quite so forlorn as a scattering of potted plants that look like they have no home. Set them on this easy to assemble shelf to display them to their best advantage.

The Drunken Botanist

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This fascinating tome explores the botanical world and the alcohols derived from it over the years. A fun read with that glass of eggnog.

Cotton Hat with Wind Lanyard

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For the outdoor gardener who faces down the elements every day – protect them from the sun and a bit of the wind.

Hanging Vertical Wall Planter

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This cool felt cloth wall planter can be a space-saving way to start plants indoors, or acclimate them before taking them outdoors, which is a critical step in plants surviving the transplantation process.

Glow in the Dark Pebbles

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This is a bit of fun decoration for lining a pathway through the garden or lighting up the most special planters.

Bear Paws Cultivator Claw

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This ergonomic hand tool designed to reduce fatigue when breaking up the stubborn soil and digging up roots is made of a non-metal nylon so it won’t rust.

Gardeners Soap

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This handcrafted biodegradable body soap infused with pure essential oils in a gift tin blends geranium, lavender, grapefruit, and carrots.

What do you find essential to your gardening ventures?

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