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20 Gift Ideas for Pharmacists

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Whether your loved one just finished school and started their career as a pharmacist, or they have been one for many years, a thoughtful gift goes a long way to show how much you appreciate and support them in their role. It could be for a special occasion, such as their birthday, or a gift just because. Something to encourage or lift them up always makes a great gift!

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Fun Gift Ideas for Pharmacists

Personalized “She believed she could, so she did” Rx Keychain

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Personalize this keychain with their name and remind her that she is capable of anything she believes she can do.

“Educated drug dealer #pharmacist” Shirt

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A pharmacist is basically an educated drug dealer, right?

Sprinkle Pills “Jolly Beans”

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Every new or seasoned pharmacist needs “jolly beans” sprinkle pills at the end of a long day, if only to help them smile or laugh a little bit.

“Slingin’ pills to pay the bills” Coffee Mug

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Pharmacists “sling pills” to pay the bills and this coffee mug will be a great reminder of that each morning as they sip their coffee.

“Off duty, drug yourself” Wine Glass

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When your favorite pharmacist is off duty, everyone is left to drug themselves and they are drugging themselves as well with a glass of wine.

Pill Soap Decor

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Maybe not the prettiest thing, but the pharmacist in your life will sure get a kick out of these pill soap decor pieces.

Pharmacy-Themed Scrabble Coasters, Set of 4

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Pharmacy-themed scrabble coasters with the names of medication will be a hit whenever they have guests over.

Happy Pill Insulated Can Cozy

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To keep themselves happy and going, they may need a can of caffeine at work or home, and this happy pill insulated can cozy will help keep it cold for longer.

“Eat, sleep, pharmacy, repeat” Hoodie Sweatshirt

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Their life is basically eating, sleeping, and working at the pharmacy.

“Be nice! As a pharmacist, I’m in charge of the happy pills” Shirt

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It’s the reality of life, they are the ones in charge of happy pills, so you better be nice to them at all times.

Prescription Pill Bottle Earrings

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Whenever they have to dress up, they will enjoy putting these prescription pill bottle earrings on to dress up their ears. Sure, they might get some funny looks, but it is really fun!

Periodic Table of Elements Bracelet

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As a pharmacist, they know a lot about how medication is made and may be obsessed with the periodic table of elements, which means this bracelet will make the perfect gift for them.

“Pharmacists know all the good drugs” Coffee Mug

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As someone who deals with medication day in and day out, they know what all the good drugs are!

“Pharmacy school survivor” Shirt

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Your friend survived pharmacy, time to celebrate!

Glossy and Glitter Rx Personalized Decal

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Whether the glossy and glittery personalized Rx decal goes on their car, laptop, or window, it will be the most stylish expression of their personality and lifestyle.

“Sleeping pill” Coffee Mug

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Whether it is coffee to keep them awake when they are tired, or sleepytime tea to help them fall asleep at night, their new coffee mug will help them achieve their goal.

“Skilled enough to become a pharmacist. Crazy enough to love it.” Shirt

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It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to become a pharmacist, and they are just crazy enough to love their career choice. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is theirs.

“I’m a legal drug lord. Nothing scares me.” Wall Print

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They are a legal drug lord, so nothing can possibly scare them. Frame this print and give it to them to hang up at home, reminding whoever visits that they can’t be scared easily.

Personalized Rx Bottle Necklace

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This brand new personalized Rx bottle necklace will fast become their favorite piece of jewelry to wear wherever they go.

Theobromine Molecule Cookie Cutter

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Only something they will understand, the theobromine molecule in the form of a cookie cutter, perfect for baking a bunch of cookies.

All of these pharmacist-themed gifts are fun and have a great potential to give your favorite pharmacist a heartwarming smile.

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