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Vodka Lover Gifts

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If vodka is your poison of choice, this list is filled with gifts galore that you’ll adore. Alternatively, if you’re looking for gifts for the vodka snob in your life, these gifts will keep the party going!

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Epic Vodka Lover Gifts

This is Probably Vodka Tumbler

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Travel in style with this funny drink tumbler

Hakuna Some Vodka Tee

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As it says, Hakuna some vodka and wears this stylish tee

Vodka Print

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For the classy vodka lover in your life

Spirit Infusion Kit

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Infuse your vodka with different flavor combinations with this kit

Vodka Gummy Bears

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Wanna drink your vodka and eat it too? Then these gummy bears are perfect for you

Cosmopolitan Recipe Glass

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Make the perfect with this Cosmopolitan recipe glass (that leaves plenty of room for vodka!)

Vodka Bottle Charm Bracelet

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This personalized initial bracelet is the perfect boozy accessory

Vodka Shot Glass Roulette

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Make a bet and see if you’ll have to take a shot of vodka with this shot glass roulette game

Vodka Socks

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If you can read this, bring me vodka! These socks will definitely come in handy

I Like Vodka with my Sweet Tea Glass

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This glitter glass is perfect for housing cocktails or wine

Vodka Understands Bottle Opener Keychain

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Hey, vodka understands that you need a bottle opener on the go sometimes

You Are the Vodka to My Tonic Sign

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This is the perfect home decor for your boozy bestie

8 Piece Shot Glass Set

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For the serious vodka drinker, this set is classy and perfect for tastings

Bloody Mary Earrings

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The best brunch drink belongs on your ears with these bloody mary studs

Vodka Vixen Tote

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Carry this tote only if you’re a true vodka vixen

Vodka Decanter

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This hipster gift comes in its own wooden crate ready to be gifted

Good Morning Vodka Mug

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Whether or not you put vodka in your morning coffee, the world will never know

Dog Toy Vodka Bottle

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This squishy “bottle of Grey Dogs Vodka will please any pup

Grey Goose Bar Mat

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Look like a professional bartender with this mat on your home bar

Jonathan Adler Vodka Scented Candle

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This high-class candle will remind you of after parties and fun memories!


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