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20 Christmas Gifts for Construction Workers

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If you have a construction worker on your Christmas list this year, you have come to the right place. All that hard work they put into building homes and buildings and finding a gift they will actually enjoy becomes challenging. That’s where this list comes in, there are so many fun ideas here that will almost assuredly put a smile on your favorite construction worker’s face this holiday season.

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Fun Christmas Gifts for Construction Workers

“Sawdust is man glitter” Coffee Mug

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Sawdust is man glitter, that’s why it gets everywhere!

Large Chocolate Construction Hat

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A large chocolate construction hat is not only fun to look at, but should be fun to eat as well.

“I make sparks fly” Shirt

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They make sparks fly at their job, and no one bats an eyelash.

Builder Keyring with Initial, Saw, Hard Hat, and Hammer Charms

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They are proud to be a builder and this keyring with personalized charms will quickly become their favorite keyring ever.

Engraved Personalized Hammer with Wood Box

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Every person who works with a hammer needs one that is personalized with their name or a saying on it, right? Not only that, but this one comes in a nice box too.

“Loads of fun” Machinery Coffee Mug

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Their job is loads of fun, that’s part of the reason they keep doing it.

Dump Truck Wine Topper

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As someone who sees or uses dump trucks often, a dump truck wine topper only seems natural.

Hard Hat Cufflinks

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Hard hat cufflinks will put the cherry on top of any suit they wear.

Bulldozer Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Since it’s Christmas, they definitely need a personalized bulldozer Christmas ornament to put on the tree!

Hammer “Weapon of Choice” Keychain

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The hammer is their weapon of choice because they know how to use it the best.

“I turn coffee into buildings” Coffee Mug

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They drink coffee every morning they go to work, and that is how they turn coffee into buildings.

Personalized Leather Toolbelt

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Every person who works in a career that involves a toolbelt needs one that is personalized just for them.

“I love a good dump” Dump Truck Shirt

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Yes! They always love a good dump! It makes their life go so much smoother.

Heavy Equipment Operator Wooden Christmas Ornament

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This is another lovely Christmas gift, and will look great on the tree this year and for all the years to come.

“It takes studs to build houses” Travel Mug

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They are a stud, and it takes studs to build a house, duh!

“The Wood-father” Shirt

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With all the wood they deal with every day, they are the “Wood-father!”

Construction Tools Lollipops

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Construction tools lollipops will be extra delicious to devour.

Construction Worker Sticker Decal

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This construction worker sticker decal will let everyone know how proud they are of their work.

“I’m a construction worker, not a magician… but I can see why you might be confused” Shirt

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They may be a construction worker, but one thing is for sure, they are not a magician. They can’t fix everything!

Chocolate Construction Vehicles

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These chocolate construction vehicles will be tasty to eat on Christmas!

Buying a gift for your favorite construction worker this year is easy peasy with this list!

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