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20 Of The Sweetest DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner? It feels like this year is already off to a fast start! I have gathered 20 of the sweetest DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for kids, that I wanted to share. If you have little kids at home, you might want to pick up some supplies and let them get to crafting to give as gifts to loved ones, or even decorate your home with.

sweetest diy valentine's day crafts for kids


Best DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

These are so easy to do but so fun. I remember in school making these tissue paper heart wreaths.

Fish Paper Plate Craft

These fish are so cute and make you want to pucker up your lips! Your child will love making them and are adorable to hang in the home.

Valentine’s Day Crayons

Have old pieces of crayons laying around, let your child help recycle them and breath new life, and make these fun Valentine’s Day crayons. Perfect for giving to classmates or letting your child color with.

Heart Suncatchers

Let your child sit down and get creative with colors and make these adorable heart suncatchers. Then hang in a window or give as a gift for a beautiful reminder of your child’s creativity.

Pom Pom Garland

Sit down with your child and let them help make pom pom garland to hang on your mantle or in a window to decorate the home for Valentine’s Day.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This is a really easy and simple craft for your child to make. It is a DIY toilet paper roll craft where you can stuff a little prize or candies inside the roll after you decorate it.

Heart Wreath

Let your kids help paint the wooden hearts, and assemble this easy and fun heart wreath. If they know how to write, they can write the words on the hearts.

Candy Heart Frame 

Capture a perfect photo with a perfect candy heart picture frame. It might be tempting to eat the candies before you glue them on, but the kids will love making these.

Button Heart Mason Jars

Mason jars are so popular so why not grab one and decorate like this button heart mason jar! You might need to help your child just a little but they will have fun placing the buttons where they want.

Heart Pencil Arrows

These heart pencil arrows are great for making for your child’s classmates at school.

Valentine’s Day Window Clings 

Decorate your home with these window clings that your child will love to make. Or give to a neighbor or grandparent to brighten their day.

Sweet and Lovely Butterflies 

These just melt my heart at the cuteness level. An easy craft for your toddler to make, adorable butterflies.

 Heart Design Journal

This easy heart design journal takes a little stencil, a marker and time to create this fun look. Use any journal you want and color of marker to create this fun look. Older kids will love this.

Valentine’s Day Stamp Art

Who doesn’t love artwork their child makes? Here is a really fun craft for your child! Roll up their sleeves and let them have fun making heart-shaped stamp art. Put on a piece of paper, stick in a frame and you have beautiful art.

Heart Shaped Bird Feeder

This is a simple craft that even younger kids can enjoy. Make heart-shaped bird feeders to stick outside and watch from the window all the birds come and peck and eat.

DIY Finger Painted Envelopes 

Let your kids have a part in decorating and adding a personal touch to the envelopes with this fun finger painted envelope craft!

 Owl Craft

Grab some paper plates and supplies and make these perfectly sweet owls. These just scream Valentine’s Day.

Wood Valentine Heart Craft

Here is a fun wood heart craft for your little one to make and design how they want to make it personal to them!

Valentine’s Day Slime 

Nothing say’s love like a container of slime! Am I right? Here is a Valentine’s Day slime recipe and comes with a free printable.

Pieces of My Heart 

Have an old puzzle that is missing pieces, or hit up your local dollar store and buy a cheap puzzle for this fun craft. The pieces of my heart is an adorable gift idea.

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