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Easy & Adorable Glass Pumpkin Jar

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This easy & adorable glass pumpkin jar is a wonderful fall craft idea. Decorating for fall can be so much fun! I love this pumpkin because it’s super sweet and has a rustic farmhouse feel to it. You can make several of these and use different sized jars to make a centerpiece or decorate your mantle.  Plus, you can use it as a decoration for Thanksgiving too, so it’s super versatile. 

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Adorable Glass Pumpkin Jar

Break out those crafting supplies because you are going to love making this glass pumpkin jar. This is an easy project that kids can make too. 

How To Make Mason Jar Pumpkin Craft

Okay, let’s get started making this mason jar pumpkin craft! First, you will want to gather your supplies. 

Supplies needed:


  • Clean glass jar and remove any labels or residue if reusing a condiment jar. 
  • Starting just below the rim of the jar, use craft or hot glue to secure twine circling around the jar continuously until completely covered. 
  • Cut the pipe cleaner in half and twist each piece into a stem as shown.
  • Secure pipe cleaners to craft stick and place inside the jar. 

Mason Jar Pumpkin Options

You can go wild when you make this pumpkin mason jar! Try all sorts of things and varieties because there are no wrong answers. Try a few of these ideas out:

  • Use a metallic or glitter twine or ribbon to make it sparkly. This would be good if you want to make it more of a Halloween pumpkin.  
  • Paint the craft stick brown to add a cute look to it. 
  • Instead of using twine to cover the jar, paint it with acrylic paint. It’s adorable!!

What Can I Use These DIY Pumpkins For?

Obviously, they make wonderful decorations for yourself, but you can use them for other things as well. Take a look at these ideas:

  • Fall Wedding Decorations – If you are having a wedding in the fall, they would make adorable centerpieces. 
  • Teacher Gifts – Giving your child’s teacher, a thoughtful gift is always appreciated. Besides, it’s better than an apple!
  • Neighbor Gifts – Stop by and visit a neighbor or friend and give them this thoughtful present. 
  • Name Place Setting – Put a name on a tag and stick it to the jar. Then you can place one for each person. 

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