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Easter Gifts for Diabetics

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Choosing an Easter gift for a loved one who is diabetic can be hard with all the candy and sugary goodness at your fingertips. If you are at a loss to get someone something for Easter who can eat very little sugary food, then you should definitely check out the following Easter gifts for diabetics.

At the very least, they are a place to start.

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Easter Gifts for Diabetics

If someone in you life has type 1 or type diabetes they may be restriction when it comes to Easter treats. For that reason, it’s a good idea to stick to stuff you know they can have, especially non-food gift ideas. Here’s some great finds that diabetics will appreciate as Easter gifts!

Woman wearing a cream colored t-shirt with colorful macaroons on it that says below in black font "can't have it"

Can’t Have it Shirt

This snarky shirt that says, “Can’t have it” next to some colorful spring Macarons is a perfect way to remind everyone at family gatherings they’re not able to eat everything on the table. Plus it’s cute and stylish, a win-win.

Easter Gifts for Diabetics: Three long tumblers, pink with two bunnies on it.

Personalized Easter Bunny Tumblers

Help your diabetic loved one stay hydrated on Easter, and beyond, with a personalized Easter bunny tumbler.

Squishy stress relivers, many different animals and colors shown such as pink bunny, purple cat, yellow chick, panda, pink elephant, and white seal.

Cat Squishy Stress Reliever Squeeze

They can relieve their stress with this squishy cat stress reliever!

Easter Gifts for Diabetics: Black can cover with colorful Easter bunny heads all ober it.

Bunny Can Coolie

Help them keep their favorite drink cold with an adorable bunny can coolie. It’s Easter-y, but still cute enough to use all summer.

Woman wearing a black long sleeve sweatshirt with three happy faces with bunny ears and below them orange font that says SOME BUNNY and pink font below that that says LOVES YOU.

“Some bunny loves you” Shirt

Remind them how much they are loved with a “some bunny loves you” shirt to wear on Easter and even after the holiday is over.

Silver charm bracelet with white poka dot bow charms, two chocolate bunny charms, two carrot charms, and two easter egg charms.

Easter Bunny Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet is a cute gift for diabetic adults or children as long as they’re not too upset about the chocolate they can’t eat. The little bunnies look like they’re made of candy.

Easter adult coloring books

Easter Adult Coloring Book

Coloring is not only stress relief, but it is also a fun activity!

White coffee mug with black font that says Sugar? Nah. I'm sweet enough! JK I'm diabetic.

Funny Diabetic Coffee Mug

Another funny Easter gift idea for diabetics, this mug reminds everyone that they can’t have sugar in their drink in a funny way.

funny easter shirt how to pick up chicks

Funny Easter Shirt

Instead of hunting eggs, they want to hunt for chicks!

Box with ribbon that has white bunnies all over it, inside box many wooden eggs all differnt colors: pink, tan, yellow, green, blue and white. with a fake bird on the side of the basket.

Wooden Easter Eggs

These colorful wooden Easter eggs will make the perfect decoration for them.

easter bunny apron

Easter Bunny Apron

Every person who loves to cook needs an apron, and this one is perfect for Easter since it has bunnies all over it.

Easter Gifts for Diabetics: Black baseball cap with a white bunny peaking over the brim with pink ears.

Easter Bunny Hat

This Easter bunny dad hat is a perfect gift for diabetic men and woman that they can wear on Easter or even all spring long. Love the simple style!

Tan colored tote bag with a black outline of a bunny standing on the right side.

Spring Bunny Tote Bag

An adorable bunny tote bag to carry their things in, and you can even wrap another gift to put inside of this bag too.

Two glass candles with wooden lids, both with personalized writing, one that's a pink candle says HAPPY EASTER MOM with a drawing of a bunny. the other a cream candle says HAPPY EASTER HANNAH with a drawing of a bunny.

Personalized Easter Candle

Not only are these personalized candles a great unique gift, but you can choose from a variety of scents that are really lovely for celebrating both Easter and springtime.

CLose up of a stainless steel fridge with a black round magnet on it that has a pink, lighter pink, and yellow rainbow and eggs on the end of each side of rainbow that says HAPPY EASTER below it.

Happy Easter Magnet

An colorful rainbow and egg magnet placed on their fridge will make their day! Plus it’s super cute.

Stack of wooden Easter bunny dough bowls.

Wooden Easter Bunny Dough Bowls

Help them decorate their home with a wooden Easter bunny decorations! Perfect for a farmhouse style home.

Blue box with four rainbow style bath bombs that contain rings.

Bath Bomb with Ring Inside

They can get some nice relaxation with their bath bomb, and a beautiful surprise when they discover the ring that was inside of it.

Silver outline bunny stud earrings with pink ears and tail.

Origami Bunny Stud Earrings with Gold Finish

Beautiful and unique, this set of origami bunny stud earrings with a gold finish will be great for Easter and even other occasions as well.

Brown mat with black font that says WELCOME with two bunny ears at the bottom and top sticking out with pink in the ears.

Bunny Welcome Mat

Welcome mats are always cute and can be changed out with the season, so grab one for your friend or loved one this Easter!

sugar free candies from russel stover

Sugar Free Candies

Sugar free candies are usually diabetic friendly and a great way to help a friend or family member celebrate Easter without worrying about their blood sugar.

Diabetics may be hard to shop for on holidays that are full of candy and sugary treats, but there are so many goodies listed above that don’t have anything to do with sugar! Try some of them out for size and see if your loved one will like them!

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