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20 Gift Ideas for LGBTQ Teens

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Queer teens need love, support, and guidance. Itโ€™s a new trend today that kids are celebrating who they are – and that includes LGBTQ teens. If you have an LGBTQ youth in your life, consider showing them support with one of these gift ideas for LGBTQ teens. 

Gifts For Every Color Of The Rainbow… 

and has unique as they are! 

This Book is Gay

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A great book for LGBTQ kids that brings a little bit of guidance and wisdom through the stories of others. The ultimate instruction manual for teens!

Totally Straight T-Shirt

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Teens are as sarcastic as they are proud, and this shirt perfectly encompasses both. Totally straight.

They Gay Agenda Sticker

This sticker is a fun gift ideas for LGBTQ teens .

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Your sassy LGBTQ teen will enjoy showing others what the gay agenda the far right is always talking about actually is.

Pride Stickers

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LGBTQ teens will love these pride stickers. Done in a rainbow of colours, these positive messages are perfect sticker quality.

Pride Shirt

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This shirt actually has a lot going on for looking so simple: More subtle than traditional pride shirts, it has the colours of the pride rainbow written out and the love wins date.

Rainbow Arm Warmers


This fun gift ideas for LGBTQ teens will let people see their spirit fingers!

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These arm warmers have all the colours of the pride flag so LGBTQ teens can show off their pride in a fashionable way.

Ask Me About My Pronouns T-Shirt

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A perfect gift for queer, transgender, or gender-non conforming teens who are always getting misgendered. Just ask.

Rainbow Coin Purse

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This little pouch from Etsy will keep all their coins, cards, or whatever teenagers carry with them safe and warm. The pride-flag coloured hearts give it a little bit of LGBTQ charm, too.

Some Assembly Required Book

This book is great for gift ideas for LGBTQ teens who want to know about transitioning.

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This book sheds some light and compassion on the life of a transgender teen undergoing gender reassignment. While itโ€™s inspirational for trans kids, these kinds of memoirs are a great read for anyone. If they’re a reader of sci-fi, check out our list here. 

Pride Wrist Bands

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A great gift for teens going to their first pride, these wristbands have the iconic flag colors and the word Pride. They even come in youth sizes.

Rainbow Ring

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A handmade ring stamped with a rainbow that has the colours of the pride flag – how cute!

Donโ€™t Be Ashamed of Who You Are Shirt

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Teens love clothes, but theyโ€™re even better with a message. No one should be ashamed of who they are!

Pride Bracelet

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This style of bracelet is right in fashion right now, especially with young people. Make sure you check out some of the other variations of this one isnโ€™t quite perfect.

Bunny Brooch

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Handmade and adorable, this bunny brooch is a perfect gift for a LGBTQ teen. Just look at it…

Binaries Are For Computers Shirt

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Do you have an non-binary teen on your gift list? This shirt helps them let the world know that gender isnโ€™t a series of 1s and 0s.

Lesbian Colouring Book

This coloring book is a perfect meditative gift ideas for LGBTQ teens!

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If the LGBTQ teen youโ€™re shopping for is a lesbian theyโ€™re probably going to love this adult coloring book. Full of problems only lesbians face. If they’re an artist, check out our list for happy little Bob Ross gifts

Bisexual Button

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Do you know what bisexual teens are tired of hearing? That theyโ€™re confused. Theyโ€™re not, but the people who are suggesting it seem to be.

Rainbow Pouch

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This charming handmade pouch has an applique pride rainbow on the side. It would make a cute gift bag too!

You Are Magical Mug

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LGBTQ teens especially need reminders that theyโ€™re special and important. This mug will show them every day that theyโ€™re simply magical.

Or Simply a Card

Gift ideas for LGBTQ teens is a great reminder that we are all the same!

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You could always get them a card – this one is great for a teen with a sense of humour. Weโ€™re all the same on the inside: skeletons.

Whatever you get your LGBTQ teen, as long as itโ€™s done with support and love theyโ€™re going to appreciate it.

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