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20 Father’s Day Gifts For Landscapers

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When it comes to finding a Father’s Day gift for a landscaper, there are so many awesome choices. It truly is amazing how many I discovered because there are a lot of lawn puns! Check out some of these fun and funny gift ideas for this year.

Unique  Father’s Day Gifts For Landscapers

“The Lawnfather” Shirt

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Instead of the godfather, he is the lawnfather!

“I’m diggin you” Keychain with Shovel Charm

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Since he is your dad, you “dig him.”

Yardzee! Game

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Lawn dice, bucket, and dry erase score sheets for playing Yahtzee in the yard!

Zero Turn Mower Keychain

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Every landscaper dad needs a zero turn mower keychain for their keys.

“Plant dad” Shirt

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He is not only your dad, but a plant dad!

Glass Suncatchers Garden Stakes

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These glass suncatcher garden stakes will look lovely in his lawn this year for Father’s Day.

“You grow it, we can mow it” Travel Mug

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People grow their lawns, whether they like it or not most of the time, but your dad is there to mow it for them.

Rustic Ring Toss Game

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Another fun game to play with your dad, or one he can even play on his own, in the yard.

Flower Keychain

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While he is a man, and may not love flowers on his keychain, he will still love the thought behind the flower keychain.

“Push it real good” Lawnmower Shirt

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He pushes a lawn mower for a living, so now you will have him singing the song all the time.

“You will forever be my always” Wooden Tree Print Picture Frame

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As your father, he will forever be your always because he will be there for you no matter what.

“Wilderness is a necessity” Throw Pillow

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In his opinion, wilderness is a necessity!

“Lawn whisperer” Mug

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He isn’t just a landscaper, he is a “lawn whisperer.

Miniature Playscape

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This miniature playscape is fun for him to play with when he is not working or is limiting physical activity for whatever reason.

Grass Scented Candle

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The smell of grass is something that makes him feel at home and at ease.

“I came, I mowed, I kicked grass” Shirt

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He comes, he mows, and he kicks some grass.

Lavender Mint Soy Candle

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A different type of candle, to mask the smells of gasoline from the mower, manure, and other less desirable smells when he is at home.

Landscape Painting Glass Chopping Board

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This beautiful landscape painting on a glass chopping board will likely bring him peace and comfort whenever he is chopping veggies.

Tumbling Kids Rustic Yard Stakes and Hangers

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As a dad, kids are part of his life and might even be part of decoration choices.

“Stress is caused by not fencing enough” Mug

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That’s right, stress is caused by not fencing enough. Oh, the things he may think about while he is sipping his coffee.

Landscapers sure seem to be one of the easiest types of people to shop for, and that’s nothing different when it comes to Father’s Day shopping for your landscaper dad.

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