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20 Sympathy Gift Ideas For Loss Of Son

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No matter how a person loses a son, the loss is catastrophic and leaves them feeling hurt and empty inside. They may spend a lot of time wondering what they could have done differently to save him. Time is the only thing that can really heal their broken hearts, but giving them a token of your love for them will ease the pain at least a little. It will show them that you love them and that you are hurting for them as well. Sometimes it is hard to find words of comfort, so let these gifts do the talking for you.

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Loving and Memorable Sympathy Gift Ideas For Loss Of Son

“If Roses Grow In Heaven” Poem

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Such a sweet and beautiful tribute to the son that was lost. This poem will warm their hearts

Jar of Wishes

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Thoughtful sentiment for the grieving parents. These words of encouragement will help them face each day

Memorial Necklace

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A gorgeous reminder of the love between a momma and her son. You can customize it with his birthstone and his name

Secret Message Spiral Stamped Bracelet

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This gift is so unique. You can personalize this with a special quote or bible verse. They will be so touched by this gift

“I Carry Your Heart In Mine” Necklace

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This necklace is perfect for the mom who lost her baby boy. She will have something she can physically wear to show the world that her baby existed

“Forever In My Heart” Frame

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A beautiful keepsake that can be displayed with their son’s picture. It is a heartfelt gift that has an amazing poem too

Memorial Candle Holder

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This gorgeous sympathy gift will be treasured for many years to come. The words are so special and it will mean even more when it is personalized

Dog Tag Keychain

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This gift is especially good for a dad who lost his son. A perfect way to carry his photo around everywhere dad goes

Linked Heart Memorial Bracelet

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This heartfelt gesture will be truly loved and adored. It’s stunning and it has linked hearts much like a mother and her son whose hearts are linked forever

Memory Shirt Pillow

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They will feel nothing but love for this sentimental gift. This pillow will be something they can squeeze anytime they want

Guardian Angel Tumbler

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Several colors to choose from for this thoughtful tumbler. The angel wings are gorgeous

Comfort Bowl

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You may wonder what in the world a “comfort bowl” is. Well, it has painted stones that the recipient can read and be encouraged. This will help the grieving process and give them hope

“Because Someone We Love Is In Heaven” Sign

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A versatile piece that can be hung up or can be displayed on a desk or shelf. They will love how thoughtful you are

Care Package

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This care package is just what the doctor ordered. Some rest and relaxation to help ease the heart and mind

Gourmet Fruit Basket

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When people lose a loved one the often don’t have a big appetite. This gift basket is great because it gives them some light food options that can give them the strength they need to keep going. If you would rather get a meal to them, we have some ideas. 

Personalized Wind Chimes

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This wind chimes are stunning and will help the grieving family when they hear the chimes ringing. Very touching gift that they will love for a long time

Gourmet Gift Basket

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Freshly made coffee cakes and loaves of bread that taste great and mean so much. They will even do a custom message for you to make it more special

A Dozen Succulents

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Succulents are so pretty and low maintenance. They can transform any space and are different than flowers

KindNotes Jar of Messages

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Give comfort with these words to help ease some of the pain. Reading a message when they are really hurting will help lift their spirits

“Living, Loving and Losing a Son”

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This book is about a mom who lost her son and the journey or grief she went on. Her story may help give comfort during the heartbreaking time they are going through

These amazing gifts are sentimental and meaningful. They will help give comfort when it is needed the most

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