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FREE Printable Indoor “In My Room” Scavenger Hunt

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Keeping the kids entertained in the cold months, or when they are just plain bored can be difficult at times. We are so excited about this FREE Printable Indoor “In My Room” Scavenger Hunt. The kids will have a blast with it and they never even have to leave their bedrooms. How cool is that? 

FREE Printable Indoor

We LOVE scavenger hunts at Unique Gifter because they are enjoyable for the entire family. They keep kids learning and exploring without being on their devices or laying around in front of the TV all day. 

Indoor Scavenger Hunt For Kids

This scavenger hunt is aimed for kids, but you could absolutely get teens to play along too. You could have a contest if you have multiple children and put a time limit on it. The options are endless really. Then give them a simple prize if they win. Or you could join in on the fun and hunt for items too. Make it a family event and everyone is sure to have a blast. 

The point of the scavenger hunt is to give the kids time to unwind and have fun while using their mind, memory, and body to get up and move. 

How To Get Your Printable Indoor Scavenger Hunt Download

It couldn’t be easier to get your free printable indoor “In My Room” scavenger hunt! You just need to add in your email address below in the form. Next thing you know, we will send you the download for FREE! You don’t have to do anything else. Just sit back, relax, and print it off. Download and print as many times as your heart desires. :) 



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Prizes For Scavenger Hunt

You don’t have to give out prizes at all, but everyone loves to get a little something now and then. Sometimes we do something as simple as the winner gets a bowl of ice cream or no chores for that day. However, we love little trinkets and fun times too. Here are some of our top ideas for prizes.

  • Pencil Erasers – Kids tend to go wild for pencil erasers. This set has 32 erasers and they look like adorable animals. 
  • Squishies – In the eyes of children, there is nothing more fun than sitting around playing with a bunch of squishies. 
  • Prize Variety Pack – We love to buy a variety pack because you end up with stuff that all the kids will enjoy. Bracelets, toy snakes, sticky hands, and more. 
  • Book Marks – If your children love to read or you want to encourage them to read, check out these bookmarks. You can scratch them to make different designs and they provide you with lots of enjoyment. 
  • Superhero Slap Bracelets – Forget boring prizes, these slap bracelets will be a blast to play with! Plus, they are superhero-themed so that makes them even better. 

Check Out Some Of These Ideas:

Don’t miss out on the fun, check these ideas out too while you are at it. 

FREE Printable Indoor

FREE Printable Indoor

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