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The Best Gift Worthy DIY Tea Towels

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If you’re looking for an awesome gift idea, these are the best gift worthy DIY tea towels ever! They are so easy to make and anyone who receives them will be thrilled. Making homemade gifts for friends and family is always appreciated. Plus, imagine how much fun you will have when you’re working on them. 

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Get the kids involved and they will be more than happy to help decorate and paint some tea towels. Make them for grandma, your neighbors, daycare provider, co-workers, or anyone else you aren’t sure what to give.

I know whenever someone gives me a homemade gift I get very excited. I know they spent a lot of time preparing a thoughtful gift just for me. Now you can easily do the same, only you don’t have to actually spend a lot of time working on it. 

Supplies Needed For DIY Towels 

Each set of directions has it’s own requirements to make those towels, but I wanted to give you some tips up front. You can keep some of these basic supplies on hand when you are crafting these towels. Take a look at my top choices. 

Basic Tea Towels

You’ll need to have some basic tea towels so you can update them with various styles and decorations. You can see how inexpensive they are and what a variety you get too. 


Fabric Paint

Fabric Paint is a must-have when making tea towels. There are so many varieties available. These are some of my favorites that I love to have around for all sorts of projects. 



Having several stencils around is nice because then you don’t have to stick with one theme. You can make many styles and looks depending on what you are going for. 


Tea Towels

These are the Best Gift Worthy DIY Tea Towels you can find! Anyone who receives these towels is going to be impressed with your work and they're fun to make.

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