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20 Gift Ideas for a Lumbersexual

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Not nearly as kinky as it sounds, a lumbersexual is more like an “urban lumberjack” than anything else. So, if a man (or woman) in your life is all about plaid and rugged masculinity, but not an actual lumberjack, these gifts are for them.



Gift Ideas for a Lumbersexual

Lumbersexual Soap

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With this handcrafted soap they can smell like everything a lumberjack should scented like: the outdoors and maple syrup.

With Great Beard Mug

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This enamel mug will keep their hot drinks warm and cozy by the campfire. Enamelware is great for camping because it doesn’t break.

Handmade Throwing Axe

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Because they’re not just a pretty (bearded) face: a throwing axe!

Urban Lumberjack Magnetic Poetry

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These letters can be rearranged to all sorts of rugged poetry and important fridge messages.

Beard Gift Set

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Keep the beard looking shiny and pristine with this beard care set. It has some beard balm and oil as well as artisan soaps.

Handkerchief Set

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This set of 3 hankies has everything a lumberjack could wish for: axes, a campfire, and of course, moonshine.

Soy Wax Melts

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These melts work in any commercial wax warmer but have a uniquely woodsy scent to them when warmed. Mmm, lumberjack.

Pocket Beard Comb

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The wooden swiss army knife of beard combs. Made from bamboo, this comb set is perfect for beard grooming on long trips in the wilderness.

Plaid Hat

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Can you really have too much plaid? The answer is no.

Beard Stuff Bag

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Well where else are you supposed to keep all of your beard stuff?

Knit Beard

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If you(‘re like me and) can’t grow a beard this cozy knit alternative is perfect. Or, at the very least, it will keep you warm in the winter.

The Art of Growing a Beard

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Or, instead of the knit beard, you can opt for a beard growing book. Either give it to the newly or future bearded folks in your life or offer it as a subtle hint to someone who needs some enhancements.

Beard Glitter

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Because beards are fabulous and glitter is fabulous and together they’re even more fabulous.

Lumbersexual Deodorant

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Ok, so maybe they can’t get the natural outdoors scent on them… That’s ok! This deodorant has natural ingredients for the conscious lumbersexual.

Beard Ornaments

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The perfect holiday gift. These beard ornaments transform ordinary beards into magnificently decorated ones.

Work Boots

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Lumberjacks (even the urban ones) need good quality work boots for, well, working. Chopping wood, making a fire, or fighting off bears has never been more comfortable.

Wool Knitted Socks

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Keep those toes warm with hand knit wool socks. So wonderful to crawl into after a long day.

Hurricane Lantern

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There’s nothing that says “lumbersexual” like a classic hurricane lantern, in red of course. It will compliment their urban rustic decor perfectly.

Wood Pencils

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About as close to nature as a pencil can get, these graphite pencils are made to look like carved wooden logs.


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How do you think lumberjacks hold up their pants while doing all those manly activities?

Whether they’re a die-hard lumbersexual or just a wannabe lumberjack (or lumberjill) they’re going to love these gifts. Or just go with something plaid.

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