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20 Gift Ideas For A School Counselor

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The school counselor has a stressful job! They have to have a strong presence in many areas of students lives. They help students through not just academics but their social life, peer to peer life, and even home life. Anything that affects a student the school counselor is there to help guide them.

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Gift Ideas For A School Counselor

Hopefully these ideas will help you spoil and show your appreciation for the school counselor in your life.

The Starfish Difference

The starfish difference bottle stopper

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Perfect gift for a school counselor. They work hard to try and help all the students. This helps keep them inspired and gives perspective when they have that tiny moment of thoughts about whether they are actually helping or not.

Give Pure Pampering Permission

Spa gift set ideas for a school counselor

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They take lots of time to help out as many students as they can every day. Help them pamper and treat them self to a luxurious relaxing spa experience. The ingredients are combined in a way that promotes healing, relaxing, and helping their skin stay healthy too.

Brain Food For A Busy Day

Food gift for a school counselor

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Help keep the school counselor energized with these tasty and healthier treat options. Easy to keep on their desk, grab and snack in between handling the needs of the students. Students will be able to see this nice display of snacks and can possibly promote healthier eating.

Pep Talk Notepad

Pep talk notepad

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Un way to give a pep talk to their students. The counselor can easily write down some key points for the student to remember and refer back to later opn. Great keepsake for the student to look back on as well. Gift a pep talk reminder so that students don’t forget how their school counselor helped make a difference in their life.

Positive Energy Crystal.

Positive energy crystal gift

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Crystals are not only great for decorations on the counselor’s desk, but it can also change the aura of the room. Crystals can promote great things like this enery crystal, giving those nearby some good energy to help them in their time of fatigue from life. Other crystals promote healing, tranquility, and other helpful things especially needed in their lie of work.

Bonsai Plants Promotes Life And Relaxing

Bonsai plant gift ideas for a school counselor

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Bonia plants or trees are great gifts because they are low maintenance, counselors already have enough stress and work. It helps promote life, tranquility, and can help initiate communication between students and the school counselor.

If You Can’t Keep Calm

If you can't keep calm school counselor mug

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Mug to remind students that when they are not at their calmest that is the perfect time to talk with their school counselor. The counselor is there to help them even when the student is being irrational.

Kids Table Topics

Kid table topics to help a school counselor

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Sometimes they just need a little encouragement on how to express

Relaxed Legs And Feet Package

Feet massager gift

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Help your school counselor stay cool, calm, and collected as can be by creating a relaxing gift package. This foot roller lets them massage their feet just about anywhere, which will relieve their stress. The stress relief means they can help more students without overwhelm. Add in your favorite candles or other items with lavender and other scents that promote stress relief and you will gift them happiness.

Stress And Tension Relief

Stress relieving gift idea for a school counselor

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The more relaxed a counselor is the better they can do their stress filled work. Give them a head start with this relaxing neck wrap and eye tension relief set. They can keep it in the office to use every day. Plus the eye mask will help them get some sound sleep so they have plenty of energy for their students.

Breakfast Should Be Non Negotiable

Breakfast maker

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This breakfast sandwich maker is the perfect gift. Their sandwich will cook and be ready for them while they get ready for work. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so this will help them make sure they get their nutrition needs met every morning so they can be more focused on their students.

Framable Quotes

Frameable quote art cards

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These quotes are perfect for the school counselor’s office. Print them out on nice paper and get them a really nice frame that they can easily change out the quotes when they feel it is time for a quote change. Or you can load them onto a digital frame where it will change to the next one on its own.

Mesmerizing Waterfall

Office waterfall

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Water has been proven to be a soother. Promoting a relaxed environment for the school counselor and their students can enhance their communications with each other. Students often come into their office distraught, seeking calmness and guidance. The students will be mesmerized by the soothing sounds of the waterfall as they watch it flow down, it allows them to relax and open up more.

Thank You Gift Basket

Thank you gift basket of assorted goodies

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This assortment of tasty treats will keep the counselor alert and ready for the next student so they can focus more on helping them. These treats show a bit of elegance and show the counselor how important they really are in the student’s life.

Stress And Pep Talk Balls

Stress balls with inspirational messages

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These stress relief balls are great for a school counselor because they can use it as well as the student that come to their office on a day to day basis trying to get help. It can be easier to talk with the counselor when you are keeping your nervous hands busy by using the stress balls and they will be looking at the motivational pep talk on the balls to remind them they can do it.

Take A Shot Motivational Pen Box

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take pen holder

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Great daily reminder to always keep taking actions to continue moving forward. We easily get distracted and self sabotage because we don’t have daily reminders to take action. This quote is great in a counselor’s office where students will see it regularly to remind them to take actions daly.

Fancy Writing Set

Nice pen set as gift ideas for a school counselor

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Give the school counselor a fancy pen and pencil set to use daily. They write lots of notes and the letter opener is great for opening up those parent notes from home. Writing with comfortable pens and pencils makes their job easier and less stress on their hands.

Gift The School Counselor Items To Help Recenter Students To Guide Them In Positive Directions
They are a huge backbone for many students. They help them not just with their academic needs but also in areas of peer socialization and their home life too. It is a job that requires a special person who has lots of patience and experience to better help their students through anything. Get them a gift or put together a gift package that offers them a variety of ways to self soothe, help them do their job better and more efficiently. Think about the things they help students with, what can you gift them that will allow both the counselor and the student benefit from it.

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