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20 Thank You Gift Ideas for a Midwife

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A midwife is there for parents to be in one of the biggest moments of their lives, as they welcome a new little one into the world. Show appreciation for this service will these great thank you gift ideas for a midwife. When it comes to a midwife, they go above and beyond their call of duty. There are some ways you can show them appreciation, here’s how to find a few thank you gift ideas for a midwife. 

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Thank You Gift Ideas for a Midwife 

Every midwife out there deserves to feel appreciated, which is where these gifts come in. You want to make sure you pick out the best thank you gift ideas for a midwife that’s a big part of your life. Keep reading to get some awesome ideas. 

Fun T-shirt

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Check out this is a fun way to say thank you. What midwife wouldn’t love this t-shirt?

Pretty Necklace

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This necklace is a beautiful gift that can be personalized with the baby information. Plus, this necklace is so pretty! 

Coffee Mug

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This coffee mug comes with a great saying any midwife will love. It’s also a great way to say thank you to that midwife of yours. 

Key chain


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A key chain is a nice keepsake for the midwife. She can carry it with her wherever she goes and be reminded of your kindness. 


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This bracelet is a beautiful way to say thank you to the midwife in your life.

Art Work

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Want to buy them art? This stunning design that says thank you to the wonderful midwife.

Mason Jar

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This is a beautifully etched mason jar for the midwife that he/she will love. 

Water Bottle

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Water bottles make for a great gift idea for the midwife to stay hydrated during long labors. Hard work deserves hydration. 

Business Cardholder

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What about business cardholder? This is a nice choice for the office!


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A statue for the right midwife, this is the perfect gift for anyone that loves that sort of thing. 


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for the midwife with a great sense of humour

Wine Glass

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A wine glass is a gift that is easily personalized for the extra touch. Who doesn’t love wine?

Travel mug

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Grab a travel mug, so your midwife can caffeinate on the way to the next birth.


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Does your midwife love artwork? Your midwife will love this artwork for her home or office


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These earrings are in the shape of estrogen molecules and will be loved.

Zipper Pull

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This zipper pull is little something that the midwife can wear on her jacket or purse

License Plate Cover

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A fun license plate that your midwife will love to have in her car. Get her this gift! 


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A watch is a great watch to give your midwife, that can be used to time contractions.

Buy Them a Book

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Check out this great gift because midwives are always learning!

Don’t Forget the Tea

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A beautiful tea that the midwife can enjoy and feel appreciated with. I think this is a great gift idea! 

Can’t figure out what to buy the midwife in your life? Thank you notes work well!

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