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20 Gifts for a Choir Director

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Choir directors and teachers almost always leave a special mark on their students. Whether it’s a holiday or another special occasion, choir directors are usually juggling a lot of different projects. Here are a few gift ideas to show them how much you appreciate their efforts!

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Gifts for a Choir Director

Recycled Sheet Music Wreath

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Wreaths like these make great decorations in the choir room or in the home! Bonus points if you can get this made with a copy of one of your choir director’s favorite musical pieces!

Music Note Lanyard

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It’s likely that your choir director has a few keys to carry around, this is just one way to show their love of music!

This “Music Time” Photo Frame

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So many photos could go in a photo frame like this! Use a photo from your favorite rehearsal or performance or perhaps of you and the director!

This “Instant Singer -Just Add Coffee” Mug

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Every choir director is probably looking for another jolt of caffeine, so why not a clever coffee mug?

“Choir Director Court” Street Sign

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Perfect to hang outside a rehearsal hall or in the choir director’s office!

This Quirky T-Shirt

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This funny t-shirt is sure to make your choir director smile!

A Planning Guide – Choir Director Plan-it

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Choir directors are always juggling a thousand things, so help them plan it all out!

BOOK: Lifeline for Children’s Choir Directors

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If the choir director works specifically with a children’s choir, this useful tool would make a great gift!

Adjustable and Portable Music Stand

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Many times, choir directors find themselves without music stands! Gift them one that they can pack up and carry from room to room!

A Poster for their Office or Studio

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This quote from a Swedish proverb is absolutely relative to choir directors!

BOOK: Conducting a Choir: A Guide for Amateurs

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For some amusing and practical advice on training a choir, this book by the daughter of composer Gustav Holst would be an excellent addition to their collection!

A Pitch Pipe

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Choir directors can never have enough tools for tuning!

A Tuning Fork

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Same story here, choir directors always need tools for tuning! Some prefer pitch pipes, some may like tuning forks!

This Lighted Conductor Baton

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These lit batons are great for a variety of performance situations! Plus, they’ll light up the conductor’s podium!

Music Stand Tool Belt

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In just a few seconds, a choir director’s stand can get overwhelmed with stuff! This tool belt can help organize pencils, remotes, gadgets, and other things needed during performances and rehearsals.

Solfege Necklace

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This necklace with a singer’s scale is perfect for a choir director!

A “Keep Calm and Sing On” Cup

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Choir directors are always talking and singing! Help them stay hydrated!

A Door Sign

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This funny sign can be hung on their rehearsal room door!

Sheet Music Flower Bouquet

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These flowers are made of sheet music, so they are safe to have in a classroom or rehearsal space!

Major Musical Scales Wine Glasses

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For a more in-depth gift for a choir director, this is it! This wine glass set allows you to play a full eight-part scale using varying amounts of your selected wine or beverage. Great for a party!

Choir directors create beautiful sounds in a variety of places! Show them how much you appreciate their efforts with a gift for an upcoming performance or for the holidays!

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