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Best Gifts for Freelance Writers

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Freelance writing can be a tough, exhausting endeavor. Anytime during the week, a freelance writer has to juggle a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis. There are multiple assignments from different clients who are all requesting different things. A freelance writer needs to stay in communication with different people, and needs to keep an adaptable mind while tackling a myriad of different topics. These are the best gifts for freelance writers! 

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Sometimes, one assignment can seem insurmountable for a freelance writer and puts them into a state of writer’s block. Sometimes, in these situations, freelance writers need a bit of help to get them out of these tight spots and help them better manage the myriad of tasks. Here are a few items that will make your freelance writer friend, co-worker, business partner, or employee feel more appreciated while helping them in the daily grind of freelance writing.

Editor’s Note: Today I am happy to have this post from my friend Sheeva, who is a full time freelancer writing about science. You can find her and her team at

A Coffee Mug with a Fun, Inspirational Message

Funny mug gift idea for freelance writers

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Although freelance writers may sometimes forget what makes them special is a skill many take for granted, the words of inspiration from this mug offer them words of encouragement. This microwave-safe ceramic mug is a perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or a wide bevy of beverages that your writer needs for that much needed energy boost. 


A Personalized Journal Diary

Personalized journal for freelancers

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A bit of self-reflection can go a long way to ensure good mental health, improve your writing, and to reconnect your present self with your past self. This slim, durable notebook offers an opportunity for self-reflection and/or note taking for any freelance writer on the job. 


Customized Pencils

Customized lead pencils

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Sometimes, the pencils or pens you use to write could use a bit of a personal touch though and these personalized Ticonderoga pencils do the trick! Whether that is a joke, an inspirational quote, or your name, these pencils become more than just writing instruments; they become something that you own. 


A Gift Set of Different Teas
Tea gift box variety set

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Getting in the right frame of mind to write can be a drag for any freelance writer and one way to get going for a hard day’s work is a nice cup of tea. Tea not only provides caffeine, it also provides a host of health benefits without any additional calories. This large box set of organic teas comes in 10 different flavors with 90 bags for each flavor. This is a sincere and heartwarming gift idea for freelance writers. 


I Write with Words Unisex T-Shirt

Writer T shirt I create worlds with words for writers

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The message inscribed on this T-Shirt serves as a reminder of what makes freelance writers special. This unisex T-Shirt comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any buyer’s needs.


“Write On” Laptop Sticker

Write on stickers for writers laptop

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Freelance writers spend a lot of time on their laptops at various coffee shops.  Why not get them a sticker for their laptop to allow them to more publicly display their love of writing?


Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig coffee machine for writers office

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A Keurig Coffee Maker is a quick way to fulfill one’s caffeine fix.  The copywriter or content writer in your life will love this user-friendly machine which brews a cup of coffee in just a couple of minutes without measuring out coffee.  As far as gift ideas for freelance writers go, it doesn’t get much better than coffee! Don’t forget the K-Cups! 

Go away I'm writing sweatshirt

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Any writer knows that writing time is sacred.  This sweater is perfect for any freelance writer who wishes you could stop trying to get them to go out when they’re working on their next novel.


AmazonBasics Air Circulator 3 Speed Small Room Floor Fan

Small office fan for desk

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Many freelance writers work from home, and in the heat of summer, a fan can help them keep their writing space cool without costing too much in utility bills.


18×24 Chalk Board Calendar & Bulletin Combo Board

Chalkboard wall calendar

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Freelance writers are often solo entrepreneurs juggling a lot of different tasks.  Help the freelance writer in your life manage their day-to-day tasks with this convenient calendar and bulletin chalkboard.  


Inspirational Poster 

Inspirational poster gift idea for writers

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This inexpensive motivational poster from Etsy serves as a reminder to dream big and work hard.


Thermos Stainless King 40 Ounce Beverage Bottle, Stainless Steel

Large thermos for desk

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This thermos keeps liquids hot or cool for 24 hours and is perfect for the traveling writer — or a writer who is tired of their coffee getting cold while they rework their sentences over and over to come up with the best turn of phrase.


Contigo Autoseal Cortland Water Bottle, 24 oz, Greyed Jade

Reusable water bottle for writers

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Hydration is just as essential for freelance writers as anyone else.  The benefits of drinking water regularly include improved skin, better digestion, and less mindless snacking.  Help the freelance writer in your life stay hydrated with this spillproof, 100% BPA-free water bottle.


A Wireless Computer Mouse

Wireless computer mouse for laptops desktops writers gift

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An ergonomic, wireless computer mouse with auto-scroll ability is the perfect gift for the copywriter in your life.  Faced with endless deadlines, the last thing the writer in your life wants to do is to break the keys on their keyboard trying to quickly scroll up and down in the writing and editing process.  This wireless computer mouse connects to your laptop or computer via USB and requires 2 AA batteries (included).


A Dedicated Writing Table (Pipe Legs KIT with Cross Bar for Writing Desk Table H-Shape)

Dedicated writers table industrial pipe style

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This inexpensive writing table can turn any space into a productive writing space for the aspiring or well-established freelance writer in your life.  Whether they are working on writing an essay, blog post, or book, this sturdy table will help them have a dedicated space for writing.

A Cure for Writer’s Block

Writers block cue cards gift ideas for writers

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All writers fear writer’s block — the inability to come up with ideas or to get started writing.  Help the freelance writer in your life break through writer’s block with these intellectually-stimulating writers’ prompts designed to help writers become more creative and productive in their writing.


“It’s a Good Day to Write” Women’s Tee Shirt

A good day to write T shirt

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Freelance writers know the secret of success in writing — consistency.  Any day is a good day to write in a writer’s mind.  That’s why the freelance writer in your life would love this sleeveless tee shirt which proclaims, “It’s a good day to write.”  


Snoopy Typewriting Poster

Snoopy typewriter dictionary wall art framed

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Everyone loves the iconic Peanuts character, Snoopy, and his many lives — man’s best friend, ace pilot, and even writer.  Surprise the freelance writer in your life with this poster of Snoopy writing his next blockbuster novel.


Customized Typewriter Font Poster

Customized typewriter font art decor gift for writers

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Freelance writers know the power of words and rely heavily on mantras for inspiration and motivation.  Emblazon your freelance writing friend’s favorite quote on this poster, which is printed in a writer-esque typewriter font, for a one-of-a-kind customized gift that they will love.


Travel Themed Office Wall Art

Travel themed posters gift for writers set of 3

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Writing can be a solitary occupation, with many days and nights spent sitting at one’s computer.  Too much time spent writing can make freelance writers develop a sense of wanderlust.  If your freelance writer friend loves to travel, help them satisfy their travel cravings with this geographically inspired wall art.  Just choose three cities, towns, or areas, and WayFinderCreative will do the rest to come up with the perfect customized wall art for the writer in your life.

Did you enjoy finding inspiration in these wonderful gift ideas for freelance writers? Check out some more of our guides to get all of the gifting knowledge you need to sincerely impress your friends and loved ones! 

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