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Gift Ideas For Science Teachers

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Do it for science! Through weeks of hypothesis, years of test and re-testing, and 7 published peer reviewed papers we have finally mastered the formula for putting smiles on the faces of science teachers. The secret: Really awesome gifts.

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Gift Ideas for Science Teachers

Magnetic Sand Timer

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Timing things is important in science and in the classroom, but it doesn’t have to be boring and lame. Move over regular sand, it’s time for magnetic sand to have its turn.

Beaker Plants

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Get some zen going in the classroom by giving your science teacher one of these aquatic beaker plants. Growing inside are little balls of algae from Japan.

Science Pen

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For grading papers or using their tablet, science teachers will have special pen to carry in their pocket.

Personalized Name Sign

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It’s always nice to get something with your name on it but even nicer when that name is written with chemical elements. Hopefully your teacher has a name that can be made using elemental names…

Funny Decal

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For the science teacher who likes bad jokes! This would be a great thing to hang on a science classroom wall.

Glass Half Full Shirt

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Air fills empty space unless you’re in a vacuum so no matter how little water the glass is technically always full. You can stop your pessimism now.

Useless Box

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A great way to keep students busy when waiting for the science teacher’s attention. Perfect gag or white elephant gift for a science teacher!

Infinity Scarf

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Get some Miss Frizzle level pizzaz going on with your science teacher’s wardrobe by giving this infinity scarf. It has nice colours and best of all it’s covered in sciency things!

Research Mug

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Maybe it’s revealing some secrets about scientists everywhere but this somewhat honest mug is a great way for a science teacher to start their day. There’s no scientific word for coffee, though.

Fidget Spinner

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If you can’t beat ‘em… Join ‘em? This would make an excellent gag gift for a well annoyed elementary school science teacher or just a fun thing to have on their desk.

New Science Teacher’s Handbook

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Teachers are always trying to grow and improve. This book has information about not just being a science teacher, but being a great and engaging one.

Science Socks

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Get around the teacher’s dress code with science socks! They come in bright colours and each one has some different scientific aspect to them.


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A clever way to use SCIENCE acrostically. This poster has some great, easy to understand rules for a science lab; perfect busy teachers.

Custom Wooden Sign

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Something so nice they might not want to leave it at school at all. This wooden sign says “Just do good science”.

Molecular Model Kit

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Teachers have to buy a lot of their own supplies so why not help a science teacher out by picking up this fun molecular model kit. It’s fun to play with helps students see microscopic concepts a bit more clearly.

Ask a Science Teacher Book

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Give the science teacher you’re shopping for all the answers with this handy book. Now when students as important questions like “do fish sleep” they’ll know the answer is yes.

Book Ends

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Something has to keep all those science books safe and sound on the classroom shelf. These metal bookends do just that with all kinds of science style.

Best Science Teacher Ever Mug

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Sometimes it’s ok to suck up.

“Water” Bottle

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A hilarious gifts for science teachers or anyone in the science know. These water bottles are covered with fake warning labels for “dihydrogen monoxide” AKA water.

Teacher Name Plate

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If the science teacher on your list doesn’t already have a nameplate give this custom one. It has science books and the teacher’s name so everyone will know who they are.

Reading gift guides are a lot more fun than scientific research and reading this one will make your science teacher a lot more happy than scientific research, which is saying something.

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