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20 Gift Ideas for Badger Lovers

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Badgers are unique and interesting animals! Do you know someone who just adores them? Then you might want to give them a thoughtful badger-themed gift just because, or even for a special day in their lives. When you surprise them with one of these gifts, they will know that you put a lot of consideration into what you gave them.

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Gift Ideas for Badger Lovers

Sterling Silver Honey Badger Ring

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Help them spruce up their outfit with this sterling silver honey badger ring that will go with any outfit they wear.

Hufflepuff Badger Shirt

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A nice twist on the song “Every day I am Hustlin’,” this shirt will catch many people’s’ eyes as your badger loving friend wears it around town.

Badger Coasters, Set of 2

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Badger coasters will keep their tables protected from water rings, and be fun to look at at the same time.

Badger Pin

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They can wear the badger pin on their clothes, or anywhere else they feel it fits!

Badger Stuffed Animal

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Great for throwing on top of their bed as an adult, or to play with as a kid, the stuffed badger will make a sweet, thoughtful gift for the badger lover in your life.

“WWHBD? What would honey badger do?” Coffee Mug

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What would the honey badger do? Give them something to ponder while they sip their morning coffee! It will certainly keep their mind occupied, and off of their problems.

Badger Print

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Have them hang their badger print up in their favorite place, whether that be their living room, bedroom, hallway, or somewhere else entirely. It will make a nice addition anywhere they put it.

Badger Makeup Bag

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That badger loving woman in your life needs somewhere to store their makeup and carry it along with them wherever they may need to take it.

Vintage Badger Shirt

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This vintage badger shirt will make a great addition to their wardrobe, and go perfectly with their favorite pair of jeans!

Badger Temporary Tattoo

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If they’re going to a special event or just out for fun, they can wear a temporary badger tattoo to keep their spirits up.

Badger Decorative Pillow

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You can order them the cover, or the whole package with the cushion and the cover, and it will be sure to make their day and give their living room the pizzazz it needs!

“My patronus is a honey badger” Charm/Jewelry Piece

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Their patronus is definitely a honey badger, that’s their animal! They will love putting this on a chain for a necklace, or on a bracelet as a charm, and wearing it with their favorite clothes!

Badger Glass Chopping Board

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Give them an inspirational place to cut up their fruits, vegetables, or meats, with this badger glass chopping board.

Schleich Badger Cub Toy Figurine

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Whether you give this as a toy, or as a piece of decor, the badger lover in your life will enjoy looking at the badger cub figurine!

Badger’s Parting Gifts by Susan Varley

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This book is great for that kid in your life that loves badgers, and will give them plenty of entertainment while exercising their mental muscles.

Badger Frieze Large Flared Vase

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If they get flowers often, as a gift or to decorate their house, they will now have the best place ever to put them in to display for everyone to see!

“Keep calm and badger on” Coffee Mug

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Remind your badger loving friend that they should remain calm and keep moving forward… like a badger!

Badger Notebook/Sketchbook

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They can use this as a place to write, doodle, or take notes, and continue to be inspired by the badger on the front.

Woodland Placemats with Fox, Hedgehog, Badger, and Rabbit

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These placemats are perfect for a kid or family dinner, with all the animals to keep everyone company.

Cute Badger Earrings

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Give them the gift of cute badger earrings to wear to a special event or while running errands. They may look casual, but will go nicely with a dressier outfit as well.

Badgers are a bit cute, depending on who’s looking at them, so make sure that the person in you life that loves them gets a special gift!

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