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20 Gift Ideas for Giraffe Lovers

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Giraffes, with their spots and long necks, are unique and fun. Who do you know who loves these magnificent animals? At some point, the mood might strike you to get that special person a gift and there is nothing more special than getting them a giraffe gift! Be sure to check the following gift ideas for giraffe lovers!

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I’m Seeing Spots

Giraffe spots! 

Giraffe Mini Succulent Flower Pot

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For the giraffe lover with a green thumb, they will enjoy putting this planter on display with some beautiful flowers. It will look super nice in their kitchen window!

Giraffe Ballpoint Pens

This is a perfect gift ideas for giraffe lovers because they need pens too!


Giraffe ballpoint pens will help them write in style!

โ€œI just freaking love giraffesโ€ Shirt

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They certainly just freaking love giraffes, and they can now show it off to the whole world with their new shirt!

Puzzled Giraffe Resin Stone Finish Snow Globe

Snow globes are so relaxing so why not grab them one of these gift ideas for giraffe lovers.

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This beautiful giraffe resin stone finish snow globe will look great in their home!

Hand-Painted Ceramic Giraffe Mug

This gift ideas for giraffe lovers would look good with coffee or even just on display!

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The giraffe lover in your life will appreciate this unique hand-painted ceramic giraffe mug to drink their coffee or tea from each morning.

Magnetic Giraffe Bookmark

If they love to read, check out this gift ideas for giraffe lovers.

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Help them keep track of where they are in that book they’ve been reading for awhile. If they’re a real bibliophile, check out our gift list here. 

Ceramic Giraffe Coaster

This gift ideas for giraffe lovers would be cute on any table.

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They can keep their furniture in tip-top shape with their brand new ceramic giraffe coaster!

Giraffe Eco Tote Bag

All giraffe loves need a tote bag as a gift ideas for giraffe lovers.

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An eco tote with a giraffe on it will help them carry the things they need from point A to point B. Check out this list for more eco friendly gift ideas

Giraffe Wall Print

This gift ideas for giraffe lovers would be cute anywhere!

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Help them decorate their home with this new giraffe wall print and it will look great anywhere they choose to put it!

Sitting Giraffe Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

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Placed in the center of their kitchen table, this sitting giraffe salt and pepper shaker holder will be sure to catch everyoneโ€™s attention.

Animal Shapes Waffle Maker

Gift ideas for giraffe lovers include anything waffle related.

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These animal shapes waffle maker, complete with a giraffe waffle mold, will brighten up their morningsโ€ฆ and that of their kidsโ€™!

Giraffe Windchime

A wind chime would make a beautiful gift ideas for giraffe lovers.


Windchimes are fun and the sound when they chime can be relaxing. If the giraffe lover in your life enjoys them, they will absolutely love this one to set up!

โ€œYou arenโ€™t even on my levelโ€ Giraffe Tank Top

This gift ideas for giraffe lovers is a punny one.

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Giraffes are tall. If your loved one thinks they are smarter or wittier than someone else, then this tank top is a perfect fit for their personality.

Melissa & Doug 4โ€ Tall Lifelike Stuffed Giraffe

This giant gift ideas for giraffe lovers would be cute in any room.

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What would they do with a lifelike stuffed giraffe that is four feet tall? Whether they are a kid or an adult, they will love putting it on display.

Personalized Giraffe Notebook

This notebook is a perfect gift ideas for giraffe lovers.

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Place their name or initials on this interesting giraffe notebook, and give them a great place to keep all of their notes, ideas, and more.

โ€œLove Alwaysโ€ Giraffe Wood Sign

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Wherever they choose to put this sign, their porch, their living room, or their bedroom, it will look fitting!

Giraffe Slipper Socks

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These giraffe slipper socks will help keep your giraffe lover friend from slipping and falling, but also help keep their feet warm and cozy!

โ€œAre you having a giraffe?โ€ Coffee Mug

This gift ideas for giraffe lovers will make them laugh every time they take a snip.

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The โ€œAre you having a giraffe?โ€ coffee mug will make drinking their morning coffee more of an experience each morning.

Sterling Silver Giraffe Cuff Bracelet

This gift ideas for giraffe lovers will remind them of you every time they put it on.

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Jewelry is the way to a womanโ€™s heart, and the woman in your life who loves giraffes will truly appreciate this sterling silver giraffe cuff bracelet.

โ€œYou are giraffing me crazyโ€ Shirt

This gift ideas for giraffe lovers is a witty one!

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You know they get sick of other people easily, or they have a certain person who annoys them, and they will get a kick out of this shirt.

Make sure to get that special person in your life a thoughtful gift that reflects their passion for the tall, long-necked animal they love.

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