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20 Gift Ideas for Manatee Lovers

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Manatees are big water creatures that are a bit funny looking. Some people even call them “sea cows.” For the person in your life who loves manatees, you can get them a thoughtful and unique gift, one like those listed here…

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Gift Ideas for Manatee Lovers

“Manatees are cool!” Wall Clock

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Your friend who thinks manatees are cool, will love putting this clock up on the wall of their home to help them keep track of time. It’s an even better gift if they are someone who is always running late.

Wood Look Manatee Sculpture

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A manatee sculpture will look really nice on their bookshelf, table, or mantle!

Manatee Pouch

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Great for their pens, drawing tools, makeup, toiletries, and more!

“Certified manatee nerd” Coffee Mug

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Your manatee loving friend is a “certified manatee nerd,” who will enjoy sipping their coffee from their new mug.

Women’s Oh the Hu-Manatee Socks

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Help them keep their feet warm in manatee style with these Oh the Hu-Manatee socks.

Manatee Embroidered Hat

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This hat will become their favorite in no time!

“Be Mine-atee” Keychain

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Perfect for Valentine’s Day or just an anytime gift!

Manatees Playing in the Ocean Snowglobe

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A nice piece of decoration and will look wonderful on display in their home.

Manatee Print

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Framed, or hung up like a poster, this manatee print is something they can look forward to gazing at.

“Go with the flow” Manatee Mug with Manatee Tea Infuser

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An adorable way to drink their tea is with this “go with the flow” manatee mug that even comes with a manatee tea infuser!

Manatee and Baby Christmas Ornament

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Makes a great gift for Christmas or for after a baby is born.

Silver Manatee Earrings

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When they need to dress up and want to show off their love for manatees, they can grab these!

“Manatee Life” Travel Mug

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If they live life on the go a lot of the time, they will love taking their coffee along for the ride in a manatee travel mug!

“Save the chubby mermaids” Shirt

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Apparently another name for manatees is “chubby mermaids.” Help your friend and many others save manatees!

Mindful Manatee Set of 5 Mini Notecards

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Great for writing notes to their loved ones, these notecards are a thoughtful gift. Or, you could use them to write a note to them and add it to another gift! So many possibilities!

Rectangle “I love manatees” Pill Case

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If they take medications or carry Tylenol with them for “emergencies,” this rectangle “I love manatees” pill case will make it slightly more fun to do so!

Manatee Magnets

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Manatee magnets will certainly look nice on their fridge at home.

“Save the manatees” Cloth Shopping Bag

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A great way to save the manatees, and the environment, from plastic bags!

Happy Manatee Necklace

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A happy manatee necklace will go wonderfully in their jewelry box!

Set of 2 Manatee Kitchen Towels

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Everyone needs kitchen towels for cooking or cleaning up messes, and your manatee loving friend might as well be stylish with hers.

Those who have a strong passion for manatees may be few and far between, but getting the one in your life one of the gifts listed here will make their day!

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