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20 Gift Ideas for Weasel Lovers

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Weasels might not be the definition of “cute,” but they do look a little bit like ferrets. Either way, if you know someone who loves these not-so-cute creatures, then they will always appreciate a thoughtful gift that is weasel themed. Some of the ideas below will give you good ideas, or at least give you a good place to start!

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Gift Ideas for Weasel Lovers

Weasel Phone Case

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Protecting their phone from drops is important, and they will love holding and using their phone with this new weasel phone case on it!

“Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines” Coffee Mug

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A little weasel humor can go a long way, and it is really needed in the morning for those night owls!

Weasel Evolution Shirt

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Inaccurate, but funny. This weasel evolution shirt will become a favorite in their wardrobe!

Weasel Zipper Pull

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Perfect for luggage, or maybe even clothing, their new weasel zipper pull will make zipping up bags and clothing so much more fun.

“I love weasel” License Plate Frame

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You can’t go wrong with a license plate frame that proudly announces their love of weasels!

Personalized Weasel Wall Clock

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Wedding or housewarming gift, personalizing a weasel wall clock will be their favorite gift ever!

“Weasels are my spirit animal” Shirt

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There’s no use denying that weasels are their spirit animal, and what better way to tell the world than to wear this shirt that states as much?

Weasel Animal Print

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Everyone needs a piece of weasel wall art. Put it in a frame, or give it on its own, and it will be the highlight of their wall.

“My weasel isn’t spoiled, I’m just a well trained owner” Sticker

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Oh no, they would never spoil their weasel. They are just a well-trained owner.

“Woozel” Vinyl Weasel Decal

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Are they often a bit woozy? Then they really need this “woozel” vinyl weasel decal to put on their laptop, window, or car.

“Weasel Lover Way” Sticker

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This street sign sticker, “Weasel Lover Way” can go anywhere they want to put it, and adds a fun flair to whatever space it ends up in.

“Damn it feels good to be a weasel” Cigar Lighter

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If they smoke cigars, their new “Damn it feels good to be a weasel” lighter will become their favorite accessory.

“I love weasels” Camo Garden Flag

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This “I love weasels” camo garden flag will really complement their yard and home!

“#weasel” Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Help them get more water in their diet with this #weasel stainless steel water bottle at hand!

Backyard Wildlife by Kerry Acker

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They can learn more about weasels, and much more, in this Backyard Wildlife book.

Cute Cunning Weasel Stockings Tube Socks

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Their feet need to be warm and cozy, and socks with weasels on them will help keep their feet even warmer than normal socks, don’t you know?

“A weasel would be a better president” Shirt

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For those who are not fans of Trump, they will cherish this shirt and wear it everyday if they can!

Weasel Balance Mousepad

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A friend who loves weasels and spends a lot of time at the computer needs a weasel balance mousepad.

Team Weasel Coffee Mug

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They will always be on Team Weasel!

Weasel Stick Hat Brooch

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The perfect accessory to their outfit is this weasel stick hat brooch.

Weasels may not be very popular in your opinion, but they are in someone’s. Give them a thoughtful and meaningful gift such as one of those listed above!

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