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20 Gift Ideas for Grasshopper Lovers

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Grasshoppers may be creepy to some, but they are the best insects to someone. Do you have someone in your life who loves these hopping insects? They would certainly like a special gift that shows your thoughtfulness.

20 Gift Ideas Grasshopper Lovers

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Gift Ideas for Grasshopper Lovers

Wooden Grasshopper Pull Toy

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For the person who loves to collect children’s toys, or is a child, they will love putting their new wooden grasshopper pull toy on display or in their toybox.

Grasshopper Whiskey Glass

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Perfect for their end of day glass of whiskey, is this grasshopper whiskey glass.

Grasshopper Sticker

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This oval grasshopper bumper sticker will look exceptionally nice on the bumper of their car!

“Young Grasshopper” Coffee Mug

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For the “Young Grasshopper,” remind them that they have their whole day (and life) ahead of them, with this coffee mug for their morning coffee.

Wire Grasshopper Sculpture

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Their new wire grasshopper sculpture will look nice in their home or office, and remind them of their passion for grasshoppers.

Grasshopper Silhouette Doormat

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Help them welcome people to their home and keep it clean at the same time, with this brand new grasshopper silhouette doormat.

Grasshopper Cufflinks

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Grasshopper cufflinks will be the flair they need to make their suit the best it can be!

Grasshopper Bracelet

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The special lady in your life who loves grasshoppers, will make a nice addition to her dressy outfit or for casual wear on a daily basis.

Bronze Grasshopper Keychain

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What better way for them to keep track of all of their keys, than this bronze grasshopper keychain!

Grasshopper Cupcake Toppers

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If they are a baker, or enjoy baking for fun, they will really get a lot of enjoyment and use out of these grasshopper cupcake toppers.

Wood Grasshopper Herb and Spice Grinder

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For the grasshopper lover in your life who cooks and uses herbs and spices on a regular basis, they need a wooden grasshopper herb and spice grinder in their kitchen tools.

Engraved Grasshopper Flask

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They can drink on the go with this engraved grasshopper flask, and you can choose to put their name or something special on the flask as well.

“They call me grasshopper” Dog Shirt

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That grasshopper lover who has a dog, they will absolutely adore putting their dog in a “They call me grasshopper” dog shirt. Woof!

Grasshopper Specimen Paperweight

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When they need to keep their papers from flying off their desk, they can reach for this grasshopper specimen paperweight.

Solar Power Educational Energy Cockroach, Spider, and Grasshopper Toy Gadgets

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These solar power educational energy insects will be fun for the kid in your life who loves grasshoppers, as well as spiders or cockroaches, as well as a learning experience too.

Leather Grasshopper Cover for iPad 5

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The perfect way to keep their iPad 5 safe from falls, scratches, and more, is this leather grasshopper cover.

Grasshopper Hand Puppet

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Help them entertain guests or children, with a grasshopper hand puppet. They can put on a play or just use it to talk instead of themselves.

Grasshopper Temporary Tattoo

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Kids and adults alike can have fun with a grasshopper temporary tattoo, or two! Wearing them to a special occasion or just to enjoy some time off will be exciting!

Wooden Grasshopper Lapel Pin

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Help them spice up their suit, or outfit, with a unique and beautiful wooden grasshopper lapel pin.

Incredible Insect Designs Adult Coloring Book

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They will love the meditation and relaxation effort they can put into coloring their Incredible Insect Designs adult coloring book!

Grasshoppers can hop high, and are interesting to look at, if you choose to take a close look. Chances are you know someone who loves these insects and they will love you taking the time to pick out a special gift for their special occasion.

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