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20 Baby Shower Game Ideas

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If you are in charge of planning a baby shower for a family member or friend, you might be looking for some fun games. I have gathered 20 baby shower game ideas to help break the ice between guest and make the party a bit more fun. Gather up some refreshments and some punch and let the games begin, and watch everyone have fun and celebrate the baby to be!

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Tummy Game

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This is a fun game where you can guess how long of tape you need to wrap around the mom-to-be’s tummy! Whoever guesses the closest length wins.

Elephant Bingo Cards

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Each guest can write in a box what a present they think she may receive, then if she guesses write she covers a space. This is fun so it makes you think what items might be in the boxes and gift bags, and who can score a bingo the fastest.

Dirty Diaper Game

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Let each guest take a diaper, and whoever opens it up to find it is “dirty” wins. It is just a brown piece of fabric inside.

Advice and Predictions

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A fun game where you can write any advice for the new parents, guess the date of birth, weight and more. I love sharing tips to new parents to help along the journey of childhood.

Pacifier Game

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Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, it is pin the pacifier on the baby. Comes with a blindfold and cute little baby face to pin your paci on.

Baby Shower Scratch Tickets

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Hand these out as door prizes, or let them win them as they win games. Then scratch off to see if they won. It is like playing a scratch off lottery ticket.

My Water Broke

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Freeze these tiny babies in ice cubes, and whoever baby melts first, wins. It is fun and who doesn’t love a miniature baby.

Is The Price Right?

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See who knows the prices of baby items today. The guest might be amazed at how expensive a small pack of diapers really are. It is a fun game to try and see who knows the prices the best.

What’s In Your Purse

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This is always a fun one. Hand each guest a list and let them see if they have any of the items in their purse. The one with the most wins.

Wish For Baby

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Perfect keepsake let everyone write down their wishes for the new baby to be. Things they hope they do when they are older and more.

Words of Wisdom

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Share well wishes, things to do, things not to do, and more in this fun keepsake for the child.

Word Scramble

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Who can unscramble the words the fastest? This is a fast-paced and fun game to get the guest having a ton of fun.

6-IN-1 Game

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Looking for a bundle pack? This box has six different games in one package, so it can be a more affordable option.

Clothespin Game

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Everybody gets a clothespin, and then if you say the word, “baby” your clothespin gets taken away. See who can end up with the most clothespins at the end of the day.

Animal Match

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Try to have everyone guess the name of what the baby is called to each animal. Sample: What is the baby name for a goat? The answer, a kid.

Baby Predictions

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These aren’t a game but I know they are fun for the guest to fill out and the parents to be to read all the fun predictions on hair color, weight and more.

Candy Bar Game

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Have everyone guess what candy bar goes with each part of pregnancy, for example, twins is a Twix candy bar.

Advice Cards

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Share parenting advice on these adorable cards and put in a photo album. I love the floral print, a very classy and timeless look.

Unisex Game Pack

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Not sure if your mom-to-be is having a girl or a boy? Check out this bundle pack with a variety of games to entertain everyone.

Girl Word Game

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Another fun word unscramble game, I love the pink and gold, very pretty and perfect for a baby girl shower.

Also looking for a baby shower gift? We have lots of great choices to get the new parents just the right thing.

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