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20 Gift Ideas for Roofers

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Roofers might actually be among the top hardest people to find a nice gift for. However, there are quite a few gems in this list for the roofer in your life. From jokes, to practical gifts, there is something for every roofer you know.

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Gift Ideas for Roofers

“Raise the roof” Tank Top

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They raise the roof up when they do their job, making it better than it was before.

“It’s not the size of the nail: it’s the skill of the roofer” Coffee Mug

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This statement is so true, it isn’t the size of the nail, it has to do with the skill of the roofer. You can show your favorite roofer that you value their skill with this coffee mug.

Fiddler on the Roof Glass Pendant Necklace

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Whether they are a fan of the Fiddler on the Roof or not, they can appreciate this glass pendant necklace.

Roof Types Print

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Every roofer needs a roof types print that they can hang up on the wall.

“Roofers know how to nail it” Shirt

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You can’t find fault with that, they nail it every day!

Roof Eyes Picture Wall Art

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Creepy, or cool? That is the question. Either way, this will look awesome as a piece of decor at their house.

Yellow Custom Cartoon Character Portrait Made From Photo

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Order them this custom yellow cartoon character portrait that is made from an actual photo so it resembles them to a T, and see the delight on their face as they open it and look it.

Wooden Roof Tote Bag

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How will your favorite roofer carry all their things, if not for this wooden roof tote bag?

Yellow Roof Birdhouse

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If your favorite roofer loves birds, they will love this birdhouse that has a yellow roof to put up in their yard at home.

Two Cats on a Roof Shirt

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Cats love sitting on the roof, and it’s especially comfortable when it’s laid the right way.

“Home sweet home” Wall Print

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After a hard days’ work of roofing, home is extra sweet!

“Future roofer” Infant Bodysuit

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Their little baby is the future roofer of the family, so they definitely need this adorable bodysuit to wear.

Modernist Laser Cut House Necklace

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Stylish and modern, they will love wearing this modernist laser cut house necklace to special events.

Hammer Birthstone Earrings

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They use hammers everyday at work, why not wear them on their ears?

“I work with tools” Shirt

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There is no roofing without their tools, that’s for sure.

“Roofers are above it all” Wall Clock

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Roofers are above it all because they are constantly up on top of houses and buildings, repairing and redoing roofs!

Westlake Turquoise Roof Coffee Mug

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This stylish mug will help them get going in the morning, even on the toughest days.

“World’s Best Roofer” iPhone Case

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They are the world’s best roofer, and they need to keep their phone safe from drops. Although, they may need something a bit tougher than this if it drops from the top of their ladder or the roof.

Roofer Dad US Flag Shirt

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He’s proud to be a roofer dad and will wear this shirt to show everyone that he loves his kids and his work.

Hammer Charm and Initial Keychain

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A specialized keychain with a hammer and their initial will keep their keys safe and fun to use.

No matter the occasion, this list of gifts for a roofer will come in handy. Which one do you think the roofer in your life will like the most?

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