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20 Gift Ideas for a Paralegal/Legal Assistant

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Whether you are looking for a gift for a paralegal who is a friend, family member, employee, or someone you don’t know so well, you may not be sure what to get them. There are some pretty awesome choices out there, and this list compiles many of them together. From shirts, to mugs, to wine glasses, and more.

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Gift Ideas for a Paralegal or Legal Assistant

“I was found guilty of being the coolest paralegal in this jurisdiction” Shirt

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The paralegal in your life was definitely the coolest paralegal in the jurisdiction, help them show it off with this shirt.

Scales of Justice, “Keep talking, I almost have my case against you” Travel Mug

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When people keep talking, even after you have asked them to stop or acted like you weren’t interested, you might just form more opinions about them. The same goes for paralegals.

“Nice until proven naughty” Wine Glass

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Each person is nice until proven naughty, instead of innocent until proven guilty.

“Too hot for my briefs” Keychain with Scales of Justice Charm

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If the paralegal in your life is your significant other, this keychain is the perfect way to say that they are too hot for their “briefs.”

Personalized Paralegal Mouse Pad

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The paralegal on the mouse pad could be personalized to hair color and other options as well, and is a great unique gift to give them since they likely spend quite a bit of time at the computer.

“Even lawyers need heroes” Shirt

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Your favorite paralegal is a hero for the lawyer they work for because they accomplish so many things that the lawyer can’t or doesn’t have time for.

“I’m a proud paralegal but nothing beats being a dad” Coffee Mug

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For the dad who is also a paralegal, they may be proud to be in the career that they are in, but they are more proud of being a dad.

“You’ve been served by _______” Engraved Casserole Dish

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When a paralegal gives someone a casserole, they’ve been served!

“See you in court” Shirt

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A double meaning, tennis court and court at the courthouse, which means it is perfect for the paralegal who also loves playing tennis.

Scales of Justice Earrings

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These scale of justice earrings are perfect for your favorite paralegal.

“She believed she could so she did” Bracelet with Scales of Justice and Initial Charms

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When she believes she can do something, she can really do anything she sets her mind to.

“First the coffee, then the justice” Coffee Mug

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First the paralegal needs to fuel up on coffee, then they are able to do tasks associated with the justice and law system.

“Do you want to speak to the attorney in charge, or the paralegal who knows what’s going on?” Wall Clock

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Sometimes the paralegal knows more about things around the office than the lawyer, since they handle a lot of tasks. This wall clock is perfect for their office space.

“Do not ask – Bad day – Good day” Wine Glass

When a day is just too tough that they can’t even talk about it, they need a wine glass that tells others that.

“Genuine & trusted paralegal, premium quality” Tote Bag

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The paralegal in your life is genuine and trusted. They handle things for so many people. They are a quality people and need a quality tote bag to carry paperwork and more.

Scales of Justice Necklace with Initial Charm

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Personalize this scales of justice necklace with their initial and it will be that much more special for them.

“Call your next witness” Wall Print

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When their kids are getting into something, they may be tempted to say “call your next witness” just to get things moving.

Gavel Scarf

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This gavel scarf is the perfect wear to be stylish and keep their neck warm at the same time, and fit right into their career choice as well.

“Being a paralegal is what pays for my coffee habit” Travel Mug

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It’s true, their job as a paralegal is what pays for their coffee each morning.

Justice and Jesters Card Game

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A fun game to play with their family members on game night, even the younger ones.

Paralegals deserve nice gifts, and sometimes they aren’t paid enough to really treat themselves. Giving them a gift that is both meaningful and fun will brighten their day!

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