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20 Gifts for Brick Masons

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If you have a brick mason in your life who has a special occasion coming up, whether it be their birthday, a holiday, or just something they are celebrating, you might be at a loss for what to get them for that occasion. There are so many awesome gifts to choose from though and none of them are generic! They will be so pleased to receive any one of these.

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Gifts for Brick Masons

Custom Metal Masonry Work Sign

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You can put their business name, their own name, or whatever else you think they would like on this custom metal masonry work sign. Whether they own their own business or do some work from their home, it is the perfect gift and will give them a sense of pride.

Personalized Masonry Trowel

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Every brick mason needs a trowel that is personalized with their name, initials, or an awesome quote to give them inspiration while they work.

Pink Floyd Inspired The Wall I Another Brick Shirt

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Not necessarily brick mason related, it is still an awesome shirt for a brick mason!

“Eat, sleep, masonry” Vinyl Sticker

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Most of their life is spent doing one of these three things, but they do it with pride!

“Mason? Do you mean brick wizard?” Coffee Mug

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They aren’t just a brick mason, they are a brick wizard! They have the special hand!

Brick and Stone Mason Ornament

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This brick and stone mason ornament is a perfect gift for Christmas this year!

“I’m the crazy bricklayer everyone warned you about” Long Sleeve Shirt

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If people think they’re crazy, wait until they see them wearing this shirt.

Brick Pattern Dress Socks

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When they need to dress up, these brick pattern dress socks will be the one thing that represents the true them, especially if they hate dressing up.

Leather Trowel Keychain

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They definitely need a leather keychain with a trowel stamped on it to keep their keys on!

“Eat, sleep, lay, repeat” Bricklayer Shirt

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What they do is eat, sleep, lay bricks, and repeat it over and over again. That is what they love to do!

“If you want me to listen to you, talk about bricklaying” Coffee Mug

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It’s true, they’re only really listening when someone is talking about bricklaying!

“I’m a bricklayer, what’s your superpower?” Tote Bag

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Bricklaying is a superpower, it takes skill and passion to do it well. Tote bags may not be stylish in their line of work, but they can certainly be useful.

“Bricklayer in training” Infant Bodysuit

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For the baby of a brick mason, this “bricklayer in training” bodysuit is perfect.

Trowel Money Clip

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They can keep track of their money with this trowel money clip, especially if they hate carrying around their wallet.

Stone Textured Mason Jar Kitchen Set with Lids

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For the brick mason who loves to cook, these stone textured mason jar kitchen pieces will look stylish and bring them happiness when they are cooking.

Masonic Compass Image on a Magnet

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Their bricks must be level and steady!

Maternity Shirt with Brick Mason Baby Skeleton

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A pregnant brick mason might not be very common, but if you know one, they will love wearing this shirt that has a brick mason baby skeleton on the tummy.

Brick Builder Illustration Coffee Mug

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Simple, yet powerful! This mug can give them the motivation in the morning.

The Brick Wall Hat

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As a brick mason, this is the perfect gift for them to keep the sun out of their eyes and represent one of their biggest passions.

“All bricked up” Shirt

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They are all bricked up, all the time!

The gifts in this list aren’t simply tools that they need, they are gifts that will be fun for them to open and use, or wear!

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