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20 Gift Ideas for a Security Guard

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When I was a kid, my stepdad was a security guard. He worked the night shift most of the time but also worked during the day, it varied throughout his security guard career. They work hard with not a lot of recognition. If you want to give your favorite security guard a gift, whether they are your employee or a loved one, or if it’s a special occasion or just because, this list of gift ideas for a security guard is where it’s at!

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Fun Gift Ideas for a Security Guard

We know they’re all about keeping people safe but security guards often go unappreciated in their profession. That goes for both people who meet them and sometimes even their family and friends to! Show a security guard in your life that you’re not part of that group by giving one of these unique gifts that were chosen specifically to celebrate their important job.

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Welcome to the night shift coffee mug

Night Shift Mug

For most security guards who are passionate about their job, the night shift is no problem with some coffee fuel.

“Thank you for keeping me safe” Personalized Keychain

They keep their work grounds safe, as well as their home and family. Remind them how much you are grateful for that with this special keychain.

Skechers mens Wascana - Benen Wp Military and Tactical Boot, Black, 10 Wide US

Comfortable Tactical Boots

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While it’s not the most fun of gifts on this list you can’t beat a comfortable pair of shoes when you spend a lot of time standing or walking around. Typically security guards can’t wear just anything so make sure they’re protective like this tactical boots from Sketchers.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) [GPS 40mm] Smartwatch with Silver Aluminum Case with Storm Blue Sport Band S/M. Fitness & Sleep Tracker, Crash Detection, Heart Rate Monitor

Smart Watch

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Speaking of being on the move, a smart watch will let them find out exactly how many steps they take wandering around, patrolling, and chasing punks. Even better, a good one like an Apple Watch can give hands-free notifications so they can stay in touch without too much distraction.

FAFO Home Security Sign

Funny Home Security Sign

Most security guards are also a fan of home security but, thanks to their professional skills, often prefer to take it into their own hands. Whether they have a home security system or not this sign is just plain funny.

Off duty whiskey glasses

Handcuff Whiskey Glass

Whether they carry handcuffs as a security guard or not, this handcuff whiskey glass will be perfect for a glass of their favorite adult beverage after they get home from work.

“Stay safe daddy” Personalized Dog Tag Necklace

“Stay safe daddy” Personalized Dog Tag Necklace

Remind your favorite security guard to stay safe at work and wherever else they go.

Security Guard Travel Mug

Security Guard Travel Mug

They definitely need a travel mug for work, as it is a highly active job and they don’t want to be spilling their coffee on themselves.

Personalized Guard Pet Name Sign

Personalized Guard Pet Name Sign

For when they are away at work, they need a sign to warn anyone not to mess with their family, and their furry best friend will keep guard.

36x20 Thin Yellow Line Dispatcher Flag

Thin Yellow Line Flag

The thin yellow line flag is for security guards and loss prevention, and will show your favorite security guard how attentive you are and how serious you take their job.

Muscle Rehab Magnesium Epsom Salt Arnica Bath Bombs - Fast-Absorbing Muscle Soak for Post-Workout - Bath Bombs for Sore Muscles and Pain- Hand and Foot Soak Bombs - Athletic Recovery Bath - 4 Bombs

Sore Muscle Soak Bath Bomb

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After a long day, or night, of patrolling, they need a good sore muscle to soak bath bomb to soothe those sore muscles.

Funny Security Guards Mug

Funny Security Guard Mug

Sometimes you just have to get real when it comes to funny mugs! How many stupid people has the security guard you’re shopping for escorted from the building? Depending on where they work I’ll bet it’s a lot.

iPhone 14 Pro Max 911 Dispatcher Dispatch Thin Yellow Line USA Flag Case

Subdued American Flag with Thin Yellow Line Phone Case

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A subdued American flag thin yellow line phone case is the perfect kind of case to go on their phone.

“Husband. Daddy. Protector. Hero.” Shirt

“Husband. Daddy. Protector. Hero.” Shirt

Your favorite security guard is a husband, daddy, protector, and hero. Show your appreciation for all the roles he holds with this shirt.

Muscle MX Recovery Extra Strength Hemp Balm l Relieve Discomfort in Muscles & Joints l Natural Long-Lasting Cooling Relief for Back, Knees, Neck, Nerves l Infused with Menthol, Arnica & Peppermint

Natural Joint & Muscle Balm

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If they are not a bath person, this joint and muscle balm is a perfect alternative and will help their sore muscles feel better.

Security Mama T-shirt

Security Mama Shirt

When the security guard in your life is a mom, she is definitely a “supermom” and deserves a lot more than this shirt as a gift… But it’s a start.

Lock and Key Satin Silver Cufflinks with Presentation Gift Box

Whenever he needs to go somewhere where he needs to dress up, these silver lock and key cufflinks will come in handy.

Tic Tac Gun V2.5 - Exclusive Loader and Strongest Design

Tic Tac Gun

This toy is just plain fun whether they carry a gun or not. Perfect for the kid at heart or as a holiday stocking stuffer idea.

Night Security Guard Lottery - Officer Security Guard Pullover Hoodie

Night Security Guard Hoodie

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Look, most of us are not working because we’re super passionate about our jobs: it’s for the money. That’s especially true for folks who work gruelling night shifts.

All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me

Memoir About a Security Guard

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All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me is a memoir written by a man who worked as a night security guard for a decade at one of the most prestigious museums in the world. Not only is it a great read but it’s a great love letter to an often overlooked and unappreciated profession: security guards.

Your favorite security guard doesn’t ask for a lot, but a simple gift will go a long way in showing them what a blessing they are to every life they touch!

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