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20 Gift Ideas for Singers

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The singer in your life, whether a friend or a family member, will absolutely love that you gave such thought and consideration to getting them a gift that fits them. They do what they love in some form, but that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows for them. Try one of these amazing gift ideas to give to your singer friend! You can’t go wrong!

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Gift Ideas for Singers

Glass Ornament Music Notes “When Words Fail, Music Speaks”

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Music is the way so many people communicate with each other, so when actual speaking fails, then music speaks volumes.

“Keep singing your song” Coffee Mug

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Give them a reminder to keep singing their song with this special coffee mug. they will cherish drinking their coffee from it each morning!

“Trust me, I’m a singer” Shirt

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Have you ever heard them say, “ trust me?” Well, you should trust them simply because they are singer, right?

Vinyl Record Earrings

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These vinyl record earrings will look just darling on their ears when they perform!

Wildflowers Song Print

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A wildflowers song print to hang on their wall and give them inspiration to sing, to inspire others, and give them something nice to look at on her wall.

“I’ll always pick you” Personalized Guitar Pick

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For the singer who uses a guitar to enhance their voice, they can surely use a customized guitar pick that says “I’ll always pick you!”

“Singer Zone” Sign

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All of their space is a singer zone, so you better watch out because they can break out in song without notice!

“Life without music is like an UNSHARPENED PENCIL, it has no point” Shirt

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Without music in their life, it would simply have no point. This shirt depicts that perfectly!

“Those who wish to sing always find a song” Coffee Mug

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These could not be truer words to put on a coffee mug! Those who wish to sing, will always find a song somewhere in their life.

Treble Clef Stretch Bracelet

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Jewelry is a woman’s best friend, and a musician of any kind will appreciate the sentiment behind a treble clef stretch bracelet to symbolize their love of music.

“Sing like nobody’s listening” Vinyl Wall Decal

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One must always sing like nobody’s listening, especially when you’re a singer and must perform your best at all times.

Music Sheet File Folder

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If they spend time writing their own songs, they will need somewhere to store all of those songs, and what better place then a special music sheet file folder!

“I sing” Pendant Necklace

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Their new “I sing” pendant necklace will be their favorite part of their wardrobe after they open it!

“I’m on vocal rest” Travel Mug

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Help them get the rest they need, and maybe even be left alone, with a new “I’m on vocal rest” travel mug.

Casio Portable Keyboard

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If they play the piano, or keyboard, as well as sing, they will get a lot of good use out of this portable keyboard. They can take it anywhere, to gigs, to other people’s houses, and more!

“Caution: randomly breaks out in song” Coffee Mug

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Your singer friend randomly breaks out in song on a regular basis, and this coffee mug will help warn all of those around them.

“Sing like a mermaid” Bangle Bracelet

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Mermaids have beautiful voices, right? Your friend has a beautiful voice, but needs to be reminded that she does. This new “Sing like a mermaid” bangle bracelet just might give her the boost in confidence she needs for her next performance.

Elton John Wood Clock

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For the fan of Elton John, as a person or a musician, this wooden wall clock will help them keep track of the time… Like, for example, their next gig!

“It’s a good day to sing” Tote Bag

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Every day is a good day to sing. They know it, you know it, now let everyone else know it when they carry their new tote bag around.

“I sing so I don’t choke anyone” Shirt

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They keep singing all the time so that they don’t end up choking someone in a fit of anger. Singing keeps them centered and level.

If you want to get a nice gift for the singer in your life, this list of gifts is the perfect place to start. They have an amazing voice and like to show it off! So, be sure to show them how much you appreciate them and their voice!

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