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Birthday gifts for someone with dementia

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It doesn’t have to be hard to find birthday gifts for someone with dementia. It’s your loved one’s special day, and you want to show him/her just how much you love and appreciate having them around. However, you want something they can appreciate even though their battle with Dementia. Well, you can undoubtedly find the perfect gift using one of these ideas.  Check out these Birthday Gifts for Someone with Dementia.

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Thoughtful Birthday Gifts For Someone With Dementia

All of these gifts will be adored. Have a look!

Fidget Muff

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Keep restless hands busy, and ease stress with this unique Fidget Muff.

Medical ID Bracelet 

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Not only will your loved one look super stylish in this chic Medical ID Bracelet, but it can also be quite the lifesaver.

Busy Board 

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Improve concentration while alleviating stress using this Busy Board for adults.

Photo Blanket

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This soft and cuddly Customized Photo Blanket can be used to comfort, and help bring back some of those sweet memories.

Discovery Bag 

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Improve dexterity, and keep busy with this unique Discovery Bag.

Busy Book 

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If you are looking for a quiet gift that can be used on the go or when sitting for long periods of time, you need not look any further than this Busy Book.


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Upgrade a loved one’s collection of accessories with this sweet Bracelet.


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Your loved one can find comfort in the light of this beautiful candle.

Medical Alert Bracelet

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Help keep your loved one safe with a Medical Alert Bracelet that’ll identify any medical issues, as well as their name and emergency contact.

Photo Collage Placemat 

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Keep those beautiful memories alive with this special Photo Collage Placemat.

Zipper Pull 

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Customize this Zipper Pull with Medical ID info for a gift that comes with extra value.

Paracord Bracelet

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This beautiful Purple Ribbon Paracord Awareness Bracelet is a simple, yet a loveable, gift.

Wish Bracelet

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Give the gift of hope with this one-of-a-kind Wish Bracelet. This is a fun gift that anyone could enjoy.

Coloring Book 

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Adult Coloring Books are growing in popularity for the simple fact that they are seriously therapeutic. This makes a Coloring Book an excellent gift for someone suffering from dementia.

Shoe Tag I.D.

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Gift a Shoe Tag I.D. for your loved one who may have problems with wandering off.

Awareness Mug 

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Support a great cause while gifting a sturdy Travel Mug that’ll definitely come in handy.


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This Necklace is not only a cute accessory, but it is also an excellent identification tool.

Canvas Collage Print 

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Help a loved one relive those loving memories through this Canvas Collage Print.

Photo Lantern 

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Personalize this Photo Lantern with images that tell a beautiful, yet oh-so-familiar story.

Baseball Hat 

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Your loved one may have accumulated many baseball hats throughout their life, but none quite like this Alzheimer’s and Dementia support.

The recipient of one of these unique gifts will most definitely appreciate the love and thought that went into selecting the perfect birthday gift for them. Using one of these gift ideas, you can make this a birthday perfect with these birthday gifts for someone with dementia. 

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