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Wine Gifts your Girlfriend Actually Wants for Her Birthday  

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Is your girlfriend a wine enthusiast? Surely she doesn’t need yet another bottle of wine to add to her collection… Are you stuck for a unique gift idea? Not sure which wine gifts your girlfriend actually wants…..

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Wine Gifts your Girlfriend Actually Wants

We’ve got you covered with the following 20 wine gifts your girlfriend actually wants for her birthday! 

Red Wine Decanter and Aerator

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Perfect for red wine connoisseurs, this decanter aerates red wine to make the taste bolder and better. With this, your girlfriend’s wine-drinking experience will be extraordinary.

The Best Wine Gift your Girlfriend actually Wants

Spirits Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses

The Best Wine Gift your Girlfriend actually Wants | Spirits Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses

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Why does your girlfriend need more wine glasses? Well, these aren’t just your ordinary wine glasses. These are stemless and completely shatter-resistant. They’re perfect for a casual night or for hosting a wine party. 

Wine Travel Bag and Picnic Set

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Great for summer picnics to share with your beau, this wine picnic set has everything you need for an outing at the beach or park with a tasty bottle of merlot.

Wine Bottle Cork Fairy Lights

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Add a little bit of magic to your home decor with these adorable wine bottle fairy lights. They are a cute and simple decoration that give a practical use to old wine bottles.

Wall-mounted Wine Rack

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This wall-mounted wine rack has a sleek and elegant design for practical wine bottle storage. It even features hangers for wine glasses too!

Wine Colouring Book for Adults

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Adult colouring books are becoming popular for both stress relief and entertainment. Don’t let your girlfriend miss out with this nifty wine-themed colouring book.

Wine Wipes

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Wine stains on teeth and lips can be awkward and annoying to deal with. Wine Wipes are a quick fix and the perfect gift for the pearly whites of red wine lovers.

Gemstone Bottle Stopper

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No wine enthusiast can ever have too many bottle stoppers. With a variety of gemstones to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your girlfriend’s personality.

A Taste for Wine and Murder – Murder Mystery Game

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Is your girlfriend both a wine lover and board game enthusiast? Combine her two passions with this haunting ‘Wine and Murder’ mystery game.

Wine Box Sign Coasters

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Every glass of wine needs a coaster upon which to rest their delicate stem. These funny and functional coasters do just the thing.

If You Can Read This…’ Socks

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One can never have too many socks – especially cute wine-related ones. Just have a glass ready and be prepared to follow through.

Novelty Wine Pourer

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Sir Perky is the perfect addition to a girls night or just for a bit of a laugh. He is perky and ready to satisfy all of your girlfriend’s wine desires.

There’s a Chance This is Wine’

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This gorgeous mug is a great gift for a girlfriend who loves humour and coffee. (Or if you actually want to help disguise her borderline alcoholic day drinking habits).

Wine Soap

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All females love fancy soap, that’s just a fact. She will love this tasty aroma of rose and luscious red wine.

Wine Molecule Necklace

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Wine’s chemical structure has been turned into a piece of elegant and delicate jewellery. Jewellery and wine are definitely a girl’s best friend.

Wine Cup Shaped Candle Holder

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This wine cup shaped candle holder set is a great gift for a girlfriend who loves to entertain guests. It is the perfect centrepiece for a table at a wine party.

Cooking With Wine

Cooking With Wine

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Does your girlfriend love to cook? Using wine will enhance the flavour of meals and perhaps there will even be a glass or two leftovers. Give her some inspiration with an appropriate cookbook.

Wine Bottle Cake Pan

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Is your girlfriend more of a baker? Let her combine cakes with wine with this awesome wine bottle cake pan.

Apron with a Wine Theme

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Since we are on the cooking with wine theme… why not combine the above with the perfect wine lover’s apron?

Wine Cork Phone Case

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For something that is unique and quirky, this wine cork phone case isn’t something you see every day.

King and Queen Glass Set

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Just in case you need to reinforce the point that wine is her thing – give a little and take a little with his ‘King’ beer and ‘Queen’ wine glass set. An adorable couples gift.

If your girlfriend is a drinker, but not a wine drinker, check out our post “20 Gifts for Alcoholics| But not real Alcoholics.”

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