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Father’s Day Gifts for Rednecks

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I’ve lived in small towns of the Canadian prairies all my life so I know a thing or two about rednecks. In fact, I might have been thinking of my very own camo-clad country boy stepdad when coming up with these gift ideas. Father’s Day gifts for rednecks, coming right up. 

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Father's Day is Just Around the Corner!
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Engraved Whiskey Decanter

Father’s Day Gifts for Rednecks

Is your dad a redneck? There are many Father’s Day gifts for rednecks out there. You just need to know WHICH gift to buy that redneck in your life. 

Father's Day Gifts for Rednecks - Redneck Manual, blue cover with a close up of a belt with an American flag and an eagle on it.

Redneck Manual

Maybe dad wants to take his redneck game to the next level. Maybe he’s always looking for ways to improve on his skills. This manual from Field and Stream is full of redneck-approved hunting, fishing, and outdoorsing tips.

Redneck Exercise Block

A great joke gift for dad. Just follow the instructions on the cube and after you’re done you’ll have walked around the block twice. Great way to exercise!

Redneck Lure

Just in time for fishing season! These redneck lures are handmade using recycled shot gun shells, because what else would a redneck use?

Father's Day Gifts for Rednecks - Antler picture frame.

Antler Picture Frame

Antlers are the staple of redneck decorating. Give dad a thoughtful picture of your last hunting trip together for him to proudly display.

Bacon Candle

It might be unconventional to give dad a candle for Father’s Day but your dad isn’t a conventional man. Oh yeah, and it smells like bacon.

Camo printed beer hollester.

Beer Holster

Make sure dad is always ready for an unexpected cold one with the boys by giving him this drink holster and case of his favorite canned beverage.

Father's Day Gifts for Rednecks - Magnetic poetry kit, box with a redneck in a rub outside.

Redneck Poet

Because your dad is probably a poet and he doesn’t even know it! Now the (beer) fridge can be adorned with wonderful redneck phrases.

Bonfire Sign Stencil

Summer bonfires are the best part about country living. Make dad a rustic outdoor sign to hang around the firepit.

Black plunger that's shaped like a brown shotgun.

Redneck Plunger

It’s a lot more satisfying and manly than a regular plunger. This funny gift has a shotgun handle for the plunger so it looks like a cool plunger gun and not just a device to unclog toilets.

Cutting Board

Give your redneck dad something practical for Father’s Day. This cutting board reminds everyone else what dad does around the house: kills food, cooks food on fire.

Tobacco Shaving Soap

Take dad back to long ago when men would sit outside smoking pipes. Don’t let that deceive you, this shaving soap smells amazing and is manly enough for dad’s redneck tastes.

Duct Tape Sign

The best in redneck DIY equipment, duct tape is a must have for rednecks everywhere to solve all of life’s problems! Grab dad some extra duct tape to go with it for a cool gift basket idea.

Can Cozy

Never forget which one is dad’s drink again with a personalized mug cozy. Of course, it wouldn’t be perfect if it wasn’t camo printed, which it is.

Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary book

Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary

From your favourite celebrity redneck! Learn the redneck definition of words you already thought you knew the meaning of.

Redneck wine glasses, two red solo cups made to look like wine glasses.

Wine Glasses

Sometimes you just have to force your redneck dad kicking and screaming to be more sophisticated. Share a nice glass of wine with dad using these redneck-style wine glasses and everyone wins.

Country cooking from a redneck kitchen cooking book.

Redneck Cookbook

Give dad some inspiration in the kitchen (or some ideas to suggest to mom) with this cookbook. It’s full of sweet and savory country recipes that will make dad very, very happy.

camo USB charger

Camo USB Charger

Dad may be a redneck at heart but that doesn’t mean he can always escape the modern world. Bring a little bit of hunting season into his car with this phone charger.

Redneck Weather Sign

“Hey dad, what’s the weather like today?” Finally dad can answer the hard questions in life. Hang this sign outside and you’ll always know what the weather is like!

Man scratching his ack with a redneck back scratcher that's made to look like a green rack.

Redneck Back Scratcher

Ever have an itch you just can’t reach no matter what? Help dad out by giving him a back scratcher for Father’s Day. It’s not quite as big as a rake but it does look like one.

Redneck lip balm that's BBQ sauce flavor.

Redneck Lipstick BBQ Sauce

It’s the best, all purpose gift for your redneck dad. BBQ sauce can make his favorite meals that much tastier.

After you get dad a wonderful Father’s Day gift why not take an interest in something he likes, if you don’t already? Get him to show you how to hunt or gut a fish, it’s a bonding experience!

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