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45 Best Gifts to Give Your Friends with Service Dogs

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Service dogs share a special place in the hearts of their humans. They share their happy days, their sad days, and everything in between. It’s a sacred bond. Handlers have them for a variety of reasons – PTSD, Heart problems, Autism, the list goes on. 

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But no matter why a handler has a service dog, they love spoiling them.


These Are The Best Service Dog Gifts You Can Give

If you have a friend in your life who has a service dog, they’d be over the moon thrilled that you thought to get them a gift for them and their pooch.


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In A Galaxy Far, Far Away… You Still Don’t Get To Pet Service Dogs Patch

People pet service dogs all the time, this cute patch tells them to knock it off. In a nice, geeky way of course.

Nemo – Please Don’t Touch the Butt

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Good ole Nemo and his dad teaching us a lesson – don’t touch the butt!

Service Dog Patch Prince by Night Patch

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Show your friend that you appreciate just how important their bond with their doggo is with this cute patch.

Helping Them Feel Human Again Patch

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This patch hits right in the feels and really captures that special relationship. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Beauty and the Beast?

I Am Her Personal Healthcare Companion Patch

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Disney really does have a way of capturing the world. This Baymax patch will look great on their service dog’s vest.

Frozen Themed Patches

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A collection of Frozen patches to put on the service dog vest.

I Am Bootiful, But Do Not Pet Patch

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Is your friend obsessed with Halloween? This patch could be the perfect addition to their dog’s vest or cape.

I’m A Service Dog, What’s Your Superpower? Patch

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Every dog has a different personality, and this patch is perfect for the sassy service dog or service dog handler.

Customizable Fun Lady And The Tramp Patches For Service And Working Dogs

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Order them the perfect patch with Disney’s most iconic dogs.

This Is My Handler. She Is Broken, But Still Good Patch

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One of the most iconic Lilo and Stitch lines captures the love between dogs and their handlers so well.

Training Toys

Paracord Door Pull

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Has your friend talked about needing a few more mobility aides? Paracord door pulls are a great tool to help service dog open doors, fridges, basically anything their handler might want to help make their life a bit easier.

Medical Alert Dog Tug Toy

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Ever wonder how dogs alert people that their handlers need help? This toy makes it easier for the dog and human alike. The dog can take it to a person in need, or just practice fetching humans.

Snuffle mat

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Service dogs are always thinking, and snuffle mats are a great addition to any service dog tool kit to help keep their minds occupied.

Find-it pouch

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Scent training helps handlers teach their dogs to find cars, people, and exits. Find-it pouches are the first step in that process, and a great tool to gift someone with a young service dog.

Brainwork mat

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The brainwork mat is another scent training tool that helps keep service dogs on their paws and looking for treats.

Long lead

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If your friend is practicing long-distance training, gifting them a long lead is a great way to show your support.

Snuffle Ball

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Like the snuffle mat, the snuffle ball helps dogs practice their sniffing skills. But you can hide the ball and play a game of hiding and seek as well.

Snuffle Star – Brainworks Toy

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Service dogs will love digging their nose around these looking for treats and practicing their scent skills.

Hands-Free Leash

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Hands-free leashes are a great tool to have on hand for greater mobility while handling a dog, and if your friend doesn’t have one, it would be a great gift.

Assorted Toy Pack

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Toys are an essential part of a dog’s life. And your friend would love this huge bundle.


Campfire Treats

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Handlers go through tons of treats, so why not give them some of the best, organic treats on the market.

Waterproof Lined Service Dog Breeds Treat Purse

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Decorated with the Fab Four service dog breeds, this treat purse is much cuter than a standard training fanny pack.

Dog Bribe Treat Purse

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Let’s call treats what they are, dog bribes. And this treat purse does just that.

Sit. Stay. Treats

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Another great option for gifting your friend high quality treats that their dog will enjoy.

Wall toy pack

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A great gift to keep their dog entertained while grooming, and another way to practice scent training. It’s a two in one tool.


Unicorn and Galaxy Themed Vest with Patches!

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Vests are one of the best gifts to give a service dog owner. If they’re looking for a custom one, check out this cool galaxy unicorn pattern.

Service Dog Tag

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A small service dog tag for their collar is a great way to mark dogs who might not like vests.

Customizable Bandana

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Bandanas are another great option to gift a friend. And this one is completely customizable. You can add their dog’s name and pick the perfect color.

Leash Wrap -Medical Alert

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Leash wraps are an amazing way to mark exactly what the service dog does.

Backpack Vest

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Have a friend who loves to hike? This backpack vest allows their service dog to carry its own supplies, their medical equipment, or anything else a handler might need. And you can customize the color.

Dog Travel Bag

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Keeping track of all the gear their dog needs to have is tough, this dog travel bag makes any overnights easier. And would be a great gift for someone who traveled a lot, or who has a hospital stay coming up.

Human Shirts

Dogs > People T-shirt

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This shirt says it all, dogs are better than people.

Service Dogs Save Lives T-Shirt

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Service dogs do save lives, and this precious t-shirt is a perfect reminder of that.

Matching Dog and Human Outfit

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A perfect gift for that friend who’s a little extra and wants to match their pooch in a funny, ironic way.

Just A Girl Who Loves Her Service Dog Shirt

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And it’s true, every handler loves their dog. This t-shirt is a great option.

Keep Calm, It’s Just A Service Dog T-Shirt

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Sometimes the obvious t-shirts are the best t-shirts, and this one says it all. Keep calm. It’s just a service dog.

Service dog trainer sweatshirt

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For colder weather folks, give them a great gift to cozy up into.


Service Dog Paw Semicolon Decal

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The semicolon is the international symbol for mental health and suicide awareness, and the paw on top reminds us that dogs can play a key part in stabilizing someone’s journey.

Customizable Dog Keychain

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Get your friend her dog on a keychain. It’s a way to commemorate the dog forever.

My Hero Has Paws blanket

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Blankets are the best. Dog blankets are even better.

Service Dog Information Cards

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Handlers get harassed all the time, make their lives a little bit easier with these cards detailing the ADA compliance laws.

Service Dog Hotel Hangers

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Another great gift to give someone about to embark on a trip, hotel hangers let cleaning staff know that there’s a service dog in the room.

101 Dog Tricks Book

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A great book as a reminder that dogs are still dogs, and even old dogs can learn new tricks.

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