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20 Gift Ideas for Dragonfly Lovers

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Dragonflies are beautiful insects. Sometimes you see them flying around quite a bit, and sometimes you donโ€™t. Some people favor these insects over others, and if you know someone who does, you might want to get them a gift that reflects their favorite insect. If youโ€™re at a loss to where to start, try with some of these…

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Dragonfly Wall Decor

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At 21โ€ by 14โ€, this dragonfly will look exceptionally beautiful on your dragonfly loving friendโ€™s living room wall and the colors compliment each other really nicely.

Dragonfly and Butterfly Soap

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Decorative soap to make their bathroom even nicer and more welcoming will be the icing on the cake.

Dragonfly Scarf

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Scarves with print on them, especially of their favorite insect, will help keep their neck and shoulders warm when it gets a bit chilly.

Dragonfly Wine Glasses with Flowers

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Thereโ€™s nothing like having an exquisite wine glass with dragonflies and flowers on it to drink your wine from on a relaxing night off.

Dragonfly Cuff Bracelet

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An amazing dragonfly and waterlily cuff bracelet in lovely shades of green, blue, and purple will make a great gift for the woman who loves wearing bracelets.

Dragonfly Notebook

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Themed notebooks are always nice, and for those who enjoy writing, it could mean the difference between inspiration and not being able to write a word.

โ€œWorldโ€™s best Grandmaโ€ Dragonfly Coffee Mug

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Sheโ€™s the worldโ€™s best grandma, and she loves dragonflies, and she will adore this coffee mug from her lovely little grandkids.

Dragonfly Essential Oil Car Diffuser

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An essential oil car diffuser with a dragonfly on it will make the perfect addition to their toolchest of essential oil gear.

Entangled Dragonflies Adult Coloring Books

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Adult coloring books are one of my favorite things, since they are so relaxing and meditative to color in, and this one is a great fit for someone who loves dragonflies.

Dragonfly Decal

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Decals allow their owners to add flair to their laptops, windows, cars, and more. This one will allow your friend to show off their love of dragonflies to whoever passes by.

Dragonfly Suncatcher

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Suncatchers cast off shades of wonderful colors and can be hung almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Imagine the beauty that you will be giving your friend with the gift of the dragonfly suncatcher.

Dragonfly and Water Lily Nightlight

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Nightlights are useful in the hallways, bathrooms, or bedrooms of those who need to be able to see where theyโ€™re going and rather than just some plain nightlight, one that is beautiful to look at will do a much nicer job.

Open Heart Dragonfly Ring

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This open heart dragonfly ring is a super nice way to display their love of dragonflies, while also making a great touch with their outfit.

Dragonfly Art Print

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Everyone needs art to hang on their walls to bring beauty into their life, and this one is sure a beaut.

Multi-colored Dragonfly Stickers

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Stickers for their planner, or simply for fun, will help them have fun as they plan ahead.

Dragonfly USB Headphone Amplifier

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Give them a way to significantly improve the sound of the speakers on their phone, laptop, or computer with this dragonfly USB headphone amplifier.

Tervis Shimmer Layered Purple Dragonfly Tumbler

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It is so much more fun to keep hydrated with a fun, shimmer layered purple dragonfly tumbler, such as this one.

Dragonfly iPhone Case

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Help keep the special dragon lover in your lifeโ€™s iPhone in pristine condition with an awesome dragonfly iPhone case!

Stained Glass Dragonfly Tote Bag

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This beautiful stained glass dragonfly tote bag will be a pleasure to have to carry their belongings around to and from their obligations.

Dragonfly Magnets

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Magnets are always handy to have around the house, especially when the ones on the fridge keep disappearing, or falling out of reach.

Dragonflies are majestic insects, but itโ€™s not recognized by everyone. Only those special people who absolutely love them will appreciate a themed gift. If you know someone like this, there are amazing gift choices in this list!

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