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20 Gift Ideas for Dog Groomers

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Dog groomers may have a passion for grooming dogs’ fur and nails, but it isn’t an easy job either. There are lots of wiggly, noisy, and uncooperative dogs that come their way. Whether your dog is difficult or not, a nice simple gift for your dog groomer will go a long way in saying how thankful you are for how hard they work!F

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Gift Ideas for Dog Groomers

Adult Activity Book for Dog Lovers

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What would be better than a book full of activities for adult dog lovers?

Dog Paw Print in Heart Necklace

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This dog paw print in a heart shape necklace is so simple, but so cute too!

“The Dog Barber” Shirt

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Your dog groomer is “The dog barber!”

“Handle every stressful situation like a dog” Sign

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Dogs are the best at handling stressful situations, so this sign is perfect for the dog groomer in your life!

Home-X Dog Print Apron

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If your dog groomer wears an apron to do her job, this dog print apron will be her favorite gift ever!

“World’s best dog groomer” Personalized Key Hanger

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Your dog groomer will love this “World’s best dog groomer” key hanger with their name on it!

“Dogs laugh with their tails” Keychain

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Staying hydrated is important when you’re chasing after dogs all day!

“LOVE” Shirt with Paw Print and Scissors

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Your dog groomer is not a miracle worker!

Dog Lover Gift Cork Coasters

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If they are sick, or just want to keep dog hair out of their nose, they may want to wear this “I love my dog” face mask.

Dachshund Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Holder

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This dachshund toilet paper or paper towel holder will look great in their shop or at home!

“Groomers are a cut above the rest” Dog Coffee Mug

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Groomers are special people, so show yours with this nice coffee mug!

Paw Print Stone Coasters

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These paw print stone coasters will look nice and classy wherever your dog groomer decides to place them.

“Covered in fur, slobber & scratches, just another day at the office” Shirt

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They come home covered in fur, slobber, and scratches, but they wouldn’t change it for the world!

Chihuahua Sweatshirt

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If they have a Chihuahua of their own, or simply love Chihuahuas, then they will love this sweatshirt when it’s cold!

“Dog hair don’t care” Keychain

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Dog hair is their favorite accessory!

“Sit stay stir” Coffee Spoon

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Sit, stay, and stir coffee spoon will help them stir their coffee each morning before they head to work to groom dogs.

Dog lovers are some of the easiest people to buy gifts for, but in case you are at a loss for what to get your dog groomer, any one of these gifts will delight them!

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