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20 Get Well Gift Ideas for Kids

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When the kid in your life is sick, or even a teen, you feel sorry for them and have no idea how to make them feel better. It is not only hard on their body, but hard on their mind too. How about a simple, but thoughtful, gift to help kill boredom or to lift their spirit! Check out the ones listed below!

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Get Well Gift Ideas for Sick Kids

“The bravest princess in all the land” Shirt

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She is the bravest princess you know!

Paper Activities & Ideas

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This paper activities & idea set has 60 activities and is perfect for ages 3-10.

Pouchie Pals Ice Pack and Heat Pack Gift

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Give them the relief they need, whether it’s heat or ice, with these adorable Pouchie Pals!

Get Well Soon Spot Board Book by Eric Hill

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The gift of books will always go a long way, and this book is a great choice!

TY Beanie Boos Pixy the Unicorn

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A unicorn to keep them company while they recover could make them feel less bored and alone!

Cuddle Hearts with Quote

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Help them remember that they are strong and loved with these Cuddle Hearts and quote to go along with them.

Bead Bracelet Game

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The bead bracelet game will keep their fingers and minds busy for awhile!

Band Aid Rubber Stamps

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Stamps are fun, and band aids are too. They will surely get a kick out of these band aid rubber stamps.

“TONSILS GONE! Now give me ice cream” Shirt

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When they have their tonsils out, the first thing they want afterwards is a popsicle or ice cream!

Lollipop Arrangement

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This lollipop arrangement will give them something fun and tasty to spend their time on!

Animals Coloring Book

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Coloring is a kid’s favorite past time, and they will enjoy having a brand new coloring book full of animals to color while they recover.

Plus Patient “Get well soon” Bear

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Everyone needs a teddy bear when they’re under the weather!

“Just keep swimming” Finding Dory Poster

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Remind them to “Just keep swimming” with this Finding Dory poster!

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie DVD

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Funny movies are the best when you’re sick!

GUND Monsteroos Winger Stuffed Monster

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You never know how much a stuffed monster can do for a kid’s mental well being!

“In case of emergency” Break Box

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For candy, popcorn, or something similar, give them something they can safely break open and then have fun eating afterwards.

Coloring Books for Toddlers: 100 Images

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When a toddler is sick or under the weather, they need some fun pictures to color!

Trolls DVD

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Trolls is super popular right now, which makes this the perfect “get well” gift for the kid in your life!

Emoji Cake Balls

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Yum! Emoji cake balls are fun to look at and also tasty too!

Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

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Hot cocoa is delicious and perfect when they have a sore throat!

Get well soon gifts for the kids don’t have to be complicated, some of these gifts are ingenious but also pretty simple!

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