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Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Friend That Will Warm Her Heart

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Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. These gifts ideas for your pregnant friend will truly touch her heart as she gets ready to meet her little one. Show your friend how much you love her during this exciting but also challenging time of life with one of these lovely gifts.

Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Friend

Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Friend That Will Warm her Heart

These make excellent baby shower gifts or just something special to give your pregnant friend. It’s nice to pamper her now because once that’s baby’s born she’s won’t have much time to relax! And if she already had the baby, it’s still not too late to get her something. Consider grabbing her one of these push gifts instead!

If you’re honestly not sure where to start, we’d love to introduce you to Bump Boxes! That way you can be sure you’re getting something safe, unique and surprising.


Nurtured 9 Pregnancy Gift Boxes

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Curated self-care essentials just for mom to help her feel more loved and supported during pregnancy. 

A Pregnancy Pillow

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If your friend is getting bigger, her sleep is getting shorter. So give her something that will help her sleep better!

Coffee Mug

Coffee mug gift idea for your pregnant friend

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a gift for the mom to proudly announce her new title.

Basket of goodies

Pregnant women will love this basket of goodies perfect gift for pregnant women

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a few small items to make any pregnant woman smile.


Magnet gift idea for expectant mothers

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a fun magnet for the pregnant woman with a good sense of humour


Mother to be necklace gift ideas for your pregnant friend

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a beautiful necklace that any pregnant woman will love.

Photo frame

Photo frame pregnant mom gift ideas for your pregnant friend

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a unique and lovely idea to frame an ultrasound photo for the mom to be


Pregnant women will appreciate these shoes gift idea for a mom to be

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the expectant mother will love these tiny shoes

Clay plate

Expectant mother gift clay plate gift ideas for your pregnant friend

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a beautiful clay keepsake for the pregnant woman

Travel mug

travel mug gift ideas for your pregnant friend

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a grown up sippy cup for the mom to be.


your pregnant friend will love this pregnancy journal gift idea

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a lovely pregnancy journal for the mom to keep track of all the pregnancy symptoms

Feet Charm

Feet charm gift ideas for your pregnant friend

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this charm will touch her heart


Gift ideas for your pregnant friend - expectant mother ornament

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for the mom who will be pregnant over Christmas

Belly butter

Belly butter prefect give idea for your pregnant friend

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this belly butter also comes with a fun colouring book to help pass the time of the pregnancy

Heartbeat necklace

heartbeat necklace expectant mother gift idea - perfect gift ideas for your pregnant friend

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this is truly a one of a kind gift for the mom to be

Key chain

Key chain pregnant mother gift idea - unique baby shower gift

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a key chain of tiny footprints will tug at the heart strings


For gift idea for your pregnant friend

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a fun fork for the mom to be


Baby onesie perfect shower gift ideas for your pregnant friend

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the mom to be who loves coffee will adore this onsie


Pregnant mother shirt gift ideas for your pregnant friend

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for the mom who doesn’t want strangers touching her belly

Wood art piece

Wood art piece for expectant mothers - unique baby shower gift idea

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this beautiful piece of art work will be a hit with the mom to be

Skin care set

Skin care set gifts for your pregnant friend - baby shower gift idea

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every pregnant woman loves to be pampered.


Your pregnant friend will love these coasters as a gift idea

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these stunning coasters can be personalized for that extra thoughtful touch.

Yes, pregnant women love getting gifts from their friends, but what a pregnant woman wants more than just any old gift is a gift that is actually going to be useful to her. Because, let’s face it; being pregnant is not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it’s a thunderstorm.

As you think of sweet gift ideas for your pregnant friend that will warm her heart, I am going to give you some gift ideas that will touch her soul!

More Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Friend

You want to get your pregnant friend something to lift her spirits, something she will cherish, and something that says I love you. However, some of the best things you can get for your friend are the most logical. Here are some more gift ideas for your pregnant friend:


Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow

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I was a belly sleeper and totally wished I had one of these. If your friend is a belly sleeper, this is the perfect pillow for her pregnant belly.

Maternity Belt

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Carrying around a sack of potatoes in front of you all day puts a lot of strain on the back. This maternity belt is perfect for pregnant women with back pain.

Nutured 9 Pregnancy Gift Box

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Thoughtfully curated gift boxes with luxe, self-care essentials just for mom to help her feel more loved and supported during pregnancy. You can select a beautiful Signature Gift Box or curate-your-own! 


Full Back Shiatsu Massager

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When you are pregnant, your back hurts ALL…the….time. A massager is the perfect way for a pregnant woman to relax after work.

Conair Foot Spa

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Along with their back, a pregnant woman’s feet are usually sore, swollen, or blistered. This Conair Foot Spa is a great way for them to alleviate the pain.

The Birth Ball

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By the time a woman is in her 3rd trimester, all she is thinking about is getting that thing out! This birth ball kit has an exercise guide by trimester to help women dilate and induce labor naturally.

Bump Box

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The Bump Box is a 1st trimester gift box, but you can get one for your friend for each trimester. This is a nice pampering gift that also has a no more nausea band.

GiftPocket Women’s Maternity Underwear

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A pregnant woman has too many other things to worry about besides getting comfortable underwear, and let me tell you, regular underwear are not comfortable. The crossover design on these panties allows them to easily fit under the bump without pressure.

Maternity Car Belt Adjuster

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Seat belts always hit you in the wrong place when you aren’t pregnant, but for a pregnant woman seat belts can be a real pain in the ass. That’s why an adjuster is a great gift for a mom to be.

Stretch Mark Care Kit

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Not all stretch marks are preventable, but with this stretch mark care kit, a pregnant woman can minimize them. This is a great gift to give before her belly starts to grow.

Mommee Coffee

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As a pregnant mother, doctors tell us to limit our caffeine intake during a time when we are also limiting our sleep intake. The Mommee Coffee is half the caffeine.

Delivery Nursing Robe

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Nothing is worse than a hospital gown, but after you have a baby, you can’t really wear regular clothes. This is a must have for the delivery bag.

Go the F*ck to Sleep Book

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This has become my most treasured gift of all time! Trust me she will thank you when she is going on 2 hours of sleep in 7 days and all she wants is her child to go the f*ck to sleep.

9 Whole Months: Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

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Not that a pregnant woman will stick to this with all her midnight cravings, but it is a good reference for her to determine if she is getting the right nutrients for baby.

Knee High Compression Socks

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These are great for swollen legs, ankles, and feet. Not only are these socks great during pregnancy, but they work well after labor, too.

Knee Pillow

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Many pregnant women can only sleep on their sides. However, lying this way puts pressure on their legs. This knee pillow helps alleviate pressure and straighten the spine for a good night sleep.

Lumbar Support Pillow

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This pillow is great for pregnant women when they sit. It is an especially great gift to get a pregnant woman who works in an office chair everyday all day long.

Do you have a pregnant friend who would enjoy one of these gifts? You can also check out interesting pregnancy tips and articles on Tiny Tribes.

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