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20 Gift Ideas for Friends Who Let You Crash on their Couch

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Everyone has been the friend who has struggled from time to time. Without the kindness of friends who let you crash on your couch, you wouldn’t have the success that you do now. Show those friends that you love them with the following gifts.

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Gift Ideas for Friends Who Let You Crash on their Couch

Complaint Sticky Notes

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Acknowledge that these situations can be stressful. Use some humor when giving gifts to the friends who helped you out. These notes are a great start because you know they have some complaints.

How to Stay Alive in the Woods Book

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Because of your friend letting you stay with them, you didn’t end up living in the woods.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Is your friend a foodie? Then the salt and pepper set is the gift that keeps on giving.

Wines That Rock!

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Ok, you stayed so long that you drove your friends to drink. This variety of wines will help them work through the stress.

Tea Kettle

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One of the best parts about staying with friends is having serious conversations while sitting around the table.

Tea pot and Tea Strainer Set

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Does your friend like loose leaf tea? This tea set will do the trick.

Brazilian Agate Coasters

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You may have placed your coffee mug on the table one too many times without a coaster. Make up for that with this gorgeous set of coasters.

Holiday Cookie Collection

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It doesn’t have to be a holiday to give a gift of cookies.

Marble and Wood Serving Board

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This is a great gift for your foodie friend who loves serving crudites when they entertain.

Whiskey Capital Decanter

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Pair this gorgeous decanter with a well-aged bottle of whiskey and all will be forgiven.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile

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Does your friend love making steak? Then buy them some New York Ribeye and invite yourself over the first time they use this salt cooking tile.

Amazon Echo

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Did your friends get tired of all your questions? Next time the Echo can answer all of them.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

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You didn’t realized you snored when you asked to stay at your friend’s house. Oops! These headphones will help eliminate all of the extra noise that you make.

Raw Brass and Bottle Opener Key Chain

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Apparently you’ve driven your friend to drink. Here’s a bottle opener for the next time they crack open a cold one.

My Bad Note Pad

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Ok, you left the toilet set up and forgot to the electric bill. The My Bad notepads will express how much you regret those mistakes.

I Can Smell Fear on You Mug

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Sometimes people just need a funny mug with a person wearing  a rabbit ears knitted cap.

Cards for Humanity

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For those days when it’s too cold to go outside and you end up playing card games.

Coffee Maker with Permenant Filter

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You may have driven your friend crazy, but your coffee making skills got them addicted to great coffee. Show them how you did it by gifting them this simple coffee maker and some good coffee.


After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than soaking in a relaxing bath.  Or, bringing drinking wine and enjoying a stogie ordered from Flaviar.

Nintendo Entertainment System

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Your friend is obsessed with retro gaming systems. Fortunately, this one is incredibly affordable and fun to use!

We all have hard times in life and it’s those friends and loved ones who help get us through them. Who’s the friend or family member that helped you out? Don’t forget to show them some love and appreciation with a gift.

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