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20 Gift Ideas to Keep Burning Man Alive all Year Long

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Burning Man.  It is a week long event that creates a lifetime of memories.  With those memories lingering on, it is hard not to feel nostalgic at times.  Know someone part of the Burning Man community?  Here are 20 gift ideas to keep Burning Man alive all year long.

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Rainbow Kitty Vomit Face Mask

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This rainbow kitty face mask is quite versatile.  It can be used for music festivals, raves, and outdoor sports.  It looks super cool and is made from light-weight and breathable fabric.  What could be better?

As The Dust Settles – Burning Man Documentary

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Let the Burning Man vibes continue with this innovative and creative documentary about human experiences at Burning Man.  As The Dust Settles does an amazing job of capturing the experience and making viewers feel like they’re really back there.

Womens Bohemian Pants

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Comfy and flowy Bohemian flared pants – these are straight out of the Burning Man wardrobe.

Leather Utility Belt

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For something that is both practical and stylish – this woman’s leather utility belt has a funky design that will do well at festivals or just wearing around town.

Tie Dye Shirt

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For a man who wants to go back to his hippie roots in between Burning Man festivals – these tie dye shirts are perfect.  They are hand dyed in the USA and feature some unique colour combinations.

LED Bicycle Accessory

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Once again, something that is great for festivals or just biking around town… these lights blink through various colour combinations automatically and are rad to ride around with.

Campfire Smoke Scented Candle

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Bring that Burning Man smell into the home with a lovely campfire smoke scented candle.  Too bad candles are too small for roasting marshmallows on.

Burning Man Infographic Poster

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Fun facts with a cool style – this Burning Man poster is perfect for any Burning Man fan.

Psychedelic Compact Mirror

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This psychedelic compact mirror has strong Burning Man vibes – it will make your friend smile every time they open their purse.

Light Up Skeleton Gloves

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For a rave, to look cool, or even to ensure visibility at night.  These light up skeleton gloves are a fun accessory to play around with.

Abstract Wall Print

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Art and freedom of expression is one of the fundamentals of Burning Man.  This intriguing wall print looks like it is cut from the same cloth.

Sunflower Headband

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This cute little headband is made with beautiful florets and a natural hemp band.  It would fit right in at Burning Man, but also as a summertime fashion accessory.

Rainbow socks

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Bright rainbow colours will brighten up any dull day and get one thinking of great times at great festivals.

Classic Lava Lamp

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Lava lamps were a staple in any house during the groovy days.  Burning Man is all about bringing fashion and styles from different eras together, and that should be encouraged in anyone’s home!

Magical Path Wall Tapestry

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For something unique and fitting for a Burning Man household – this wall tapestry features vivid colours and crisp lines.  It is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use, so make the most of it.

Sugar Skulls Light/Fan Pull

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For a subtle Burning Man reminder in the home – this light pull is small enough that many won’t even notice it, but for those who do it will bring back fond memories.

Fountain Water Speakers

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These multi-coloured illuminated fountain water speakers are a groovy addition for any party.  Multi-coloured water jets make the water dance to the beat encouraging guests to join in.

Cork Bottle Fairy Lights

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Most people have a few bottles lying around on occasion – instead of recycling they can up-cycle them with these adorable cork bottle fairy light decorations.

Moon Shower Curtain

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This moon shower curtain adds a calming vibe to the bathroom, just like those calm nights out in the desert at Burning Man.

Burning Book: A Visual History of Burning Man

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The Burning Book is a visual history of Burning Man.  A scrapbook that one can look through when they’re feeling down and want to rekindle the good feelings they had when they were at Burning Man.  It will be treasured for years to come.

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